Manicure inspiration: The nail trends everyone’s asking for right now

One of the best things about getting your nails done is pondering over which look to go for next, and if you’re on the hunt for manicure inspiration for 2022, we’ve got plenty of it.

From classics with a twist (the French manicure has had a whole makeover of late) to cute nail art, there are plenty of nail trends taking over our talons. Whether you prefer to keep it low-key or go totally out-there with your manicures, here’s some inspiration for you to get your claws into..

Manicure inspiration for 2022

Glazed donut nails

manicure inspiration

‘The glazed donut look has been the breakout trend of 2022’ says Juanita Huber-Millet, founder of Townhouse nail salons.

‘Popularised by Hailey Bieber, this design is created with a milky white base colour and a white chrome powder on top, creating a gorgeous mirror shine effect. Simple but super chic!’

According to Kerry Catling, a nail artist at Mii Cosmetics, having healthy nails is key for this manicure, so choose a conditioning base coat. ‘An almond shape nail is most popular for this trend’ she adds.


Another trend which requires nails to be in tip-top condition, the ‘no-nicure’ involves each nail being filed, clipped and buffed to perfection, before being finished with a clear topcoat or sheer neutral polish.

manicure inspiration

There are now seven million posts on Instagram with the hashtag #naturalnails, showing that many people are fans of this timeless look. ‘It gives the ultimate healthy glow with seemingly minimal effort’ says Juanita.

Rainbow French manicure

manicure inspiration

A fun twist on the traditional French manicure, this colourful look ties in with fashion’s love of all things bold and bright this summer. Instead of white tips, try anything from vibrant yellow to hot pink, punchy green to luscious lilac. We love it!

Preppy pastels

Cute pastels are ‘perfect for that cool, pretty summer-in-the-city vibe’ says Kerry. An easy one to do at home, she advises you ‘apply two coats of colour and finish with a layer of your chosen top coat’.

Half moon manicure

A half-moon design in two complimentary colours is top of Kerry’s manicure wishlist this season. ‘Paint the whole nail a light colour at first, and then follow with the darker colour, essentially ‘cutting out’ the moon shape’ she advises.


manicure inspiration

‘Micro-manis have been all the rage – from super thin ‘Frenchies’ to accents of tiny flowers, fruit and dots’ says Juanita. ‘This trend encompasses the love of dainty nail art details which have been all over Instagram.’ Time to let your imagination run wild!

manicure inspiration

Imagery: Townhouse