Psst, Mango just launched a ‘Beauty’ category but it’s not what you think

Just last week ZARA announced it was launching an affordable make-up collection and now we’ve spotted a new ‘Beauty’ category on Mango’s website too. Unlike the former, however, Mango hasn’t released an entire collection of make-up or even skincare but rather scented candles.

Not strictly ‘beauty’, no, but exciting nonetheless and comes shortly after the launch of Mango Home earlier this month. Expanding the brand’s repertoire even further, the four scented candles on offer are priced at £17.99 each and weigh 200g.

Without further ado then, let’s discover the scents…

Shop Mango scented candles:

Candle La Noblesse Du Bois, £17.99, Mango

With notes of cedarwood, vetiver and patchouli, the Candle La Noblesse Du Bois is described as an emblem of  ‘greatness and perenniality in numerous ancient towns that used its wood and resin to preserve and treasure what most they appreciated’.

Candle Le Désir De La Vanille, £17.99, Mango

With floral notes of vanilla and musk, the Candle Le Désir De La Vanille is inspired by the legend of Princess Tzacopontziza and the origin of vanilla.

Candle La Promesse Du Jasmin, £17.99, Mango

In Tuscany, jasmine is always presented in bridal bouquets as a symbol of everlasting love. The Candle La Promesse Du Jasmin summons this and contains notes of Jasmin, orange flower and amber.

Candle L’indécence De La Tubéreuse, £17.99, Mango

Tubéreuse is a sensual, sweet and feminine flower and the Candle L’indécence De La Tubéreuse is a very floral scent with notes of white flowers, wood and musk.

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