Mango just launched its first homeware collection and it’s inspired by the Mediterranean

Take a deep breath: today MANGO is launching its first homeware collection, and it’s impressive. The aesthetic for the collection is based on a clean and simple Mediterranean Style. So not only will it be dressing us, it will be dressing our homes with their accomplished signature style. Let’s chat…


What an exciting day for MANGO, how is everyone feeling? 

Very excited! It has been a few months of hard work for MANGO teams and we’re very excited to start dressing our customers’ homes as well as their wardrobes. 

For anyone just tuning in, can you tell them about this big step into the world of Interiors? 

On some occasion in the past, MANGO has looked into the possibility of diversifying towards the home because many customers have requested this, and it has been the period of lockdown most countries have experienced, where the home has become more important, that encouraged us to launch the Home line, in order to be closer to our customers. 


Mediterranean style is the aesthetic for this initial collection. Can you expand on the ideas and the creative journey that took MANGO to today’s launch? 

The essence of the Mediterranean. The colours of the Mediterranean, natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, and clean and pure finishes. 

The lifestyle images for the collection are just magical. When deciding upon how you wanted to convey the pieces, was the connection with the coastline important to MANGO? 

The coast is a key element of the Mediterranean. One of the key colours of the collection, as well as the natural colours, is the blue represented in the freshness of Mediterranean blue. 


MANGO has a commitment to sustainability. Has this translated to the interiors collection and if so, in what way? 

Of course. For MANGO sustainability is an essential pillar and this is the case in the development of the first Home collection, in which 75% of the collection has sustainable properties and 80% has been produced locally, specifically in Portugal. 

What can we expect in terms of products in the new line? 

The first collection to launch the line focuses on textiles for the bedroom (with a collection of sleepwear and bed linen), a collection for the bathroom with sets of towels and bathrobes, as well as cushions and blankets for the living room. 


Will MANGO home make it onto the High Street? 

We are considering entering the physical world soon, but we are still studying whether we will do this within MANGO clothing stores or independent stores. 

Have MANGO thought about what it will introduce in the next collection, Autumn/Winter 2021? 

From June, we will extend the collection with new designs for the bedroom, bathroom and living room, and we will add textile collections for the dining room and the kitchen. For Autumn/Winter we will start to complete the collections with non-textile products, focusing mainly on fragrances for the home, bathroom accessories and decoration for the living room. 

Shop the first-ever MANGO Homeware collection here