This Mango check baby doll neck dress is a combination of Ganni’s most iconic designs

Danish brand Ganni has become something of cult favourite over the past few years in part thanks to its instantly recognisable seersucker midi dress that fashion editors and Instagram influencers haven’t been able to get enough of. High street stores such as Next and H&M have even created their own iterations of the design and now it seems it is Mango that has taken inspiration from Ganni with its check baby doll neck dress that had us doing a double take.

The Mango dress in question is what we would describe as the lovechild of a number of Ganni’s most iconic and identifiable designs. From the blue check print to the shirred bust and baby doll collar, the features are quintessentially Ganni (see below) but have been combined by Mango to create one standout dress.

Mango has put its own spin on the design with decorative embroidery on the collar and a flared frill to the hem and around the waist. While a typical Ganni dress would set you back over £250, however, the Mango iteration is just £59.99. A steal!

The check baby doll neck dress from Mango is also a part of the brand’s Committed collection, a collection of products that have been produced using sustainable fibres or processes, reducing their environmental impact.


Check baby doll neck dress, £59.99, Mango

And if like us, you’re smitten with the dress, you might be interested to know there is also a matching blouse crafted from the same blue check print fabric.


Ruffles printed blouse, £35.99, Mango

At those prices, you could buy both the dress and the blouse from Mango and still have change from what you would have spent on one Ganni dress. It’s up to you…