This dentist’s clever trick to make your face mask fit better takes less than 60 seconds

Despite lockdown — for the most part — lifting, we are still living through a pandemic, meaning there are certain steps we must take to keep safe in this era of the ‘new normal.’ One such step is to wear a face mask when on public transport and inside where social distancing is not possible.

However, as with most things, there have of course been a few teething problems when it comes to getting used to this new way of living. Face masks can feel uncomfortable at first, and finding one that fits properly and doesn’t bother your face so you’re having to re-adjust may be an ongoing process. 

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However, this latest hack from TikTok may just help you perfect your mask’s sizing to make things just that little bit easier. Dentist Olivia Cui, DMD, shared a video on the trending social media platform with a top tip on how to make your mask fit better, and it has already been viewed millions of times. 

The whole process takes under a minute, and sees Cui take her mask, fold it in half, knot the ear loops and tuck in the edges to produce a much closer fit, which will both feel more comfortable and protect you and others around you more effectively as it gets rid of the side gaps. 

It’s much easier to understand the hack if you watch the video, which has even been shared by stars such as Kristen Bell. The caption reads: ‘Highly requested 60s version of my viral mask hack.’

In her video, Cui uses a blue and white surgical mask to demonstrate her method, but this should work for any mask in theory, including cloth masks. 


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Face masks are currently compulsory on public transport in England and Scotland, as well as shops in Scotland. In England, they should also be worn by hospital staff, outpatients, and visitors. They are also recommended indoors and outdoors in areas where you cannot safely socially distance, but are not compulsory. 

Those over the age of 60 are recommended to wear medical-grade masks, as are those with any sort of coronavirus symptom (who should still be staying home) and of course healthcare workers.