The genius hack that’ll make your cheap wine taste more expensive

It is no exaggeration when we say wine simply makes our lives better. It makes our meals tastier, our evenings more relaxed and our summer days more indulgent.

Our bank accounts, on the other hand? Sadly, they don’t reap as many benefits from our favourite bottles. Instead, they take a hit every single time we pick one up – especially if, like us, you like the expensive stuff.

make cheap wine taste better
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Luckily, one clever expert has provided us with an excellent hack that’ll turn even the cheapest wine offerings from your local off licence into a luxury wine connoisseur’s dream.

Nathan Myhrvold, who studied mathematics, geophysics and space physics at UCLA has discovered how to make a downmarket £4.99 bottle of red taste like a vintage delight, and it might just be the easiest thing you’ll ever do.

According to Myhrvold, all you have to do is add a few grains of salt to your glass of wine. It sounds odd, we know. But apparently, this magical extra ingredients can smooth out and balance the flavours of some wines.

make cheap wine taste better
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As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Myhrvold first made the discovery a few years ago while at at dinner party with author and sommelier, Gina Gallo. The two were discussing the lack of savoury flavours in Cabernet – as you do at sophisticated functions – when Myhrvold decided to test out a theory.

‘I said “I can make it more savoury” so I added a little salt to the wine, which totally changed it,’ he told the publication. ‘I start by adding just a tiny pinch and what it does is to balance the flavours. With most wines, they immediately taste smoother. We have many different types of flavour receptors.’

He continued: ‘When you taste something, you have this cacophony of different tastes and your brain tries to summarise that. A tiny bit of salt changes the overall impression, which is why chefs salt food.’