MADE teams up with design duo 2LG Studio on statement pieces that live up to their legendary aesthetic

MADE is renowned for collaborating with independent designers and makers. Introducing 2LG Studio. Design duo, Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe, as key British designers, their brave use of colour and pattern is undoubtedly visible across their nine-piece collection. Featuring their iconic blues and pinks, as well as those legendary curved silhouettes and retro wiggles. Interiors Coordinator Charlotte Page (@stylingyourhome) finds out everything you need to know.


Russell, Jordan, thank you for chatting with me today. YOU couldn’t be more excited about MADE X 2LG Studio, how are you both feeling?

Super excited. It feels incredible that this is finally here. We’ve been looking forward to sharing these designs so much. It’s great what MADE have done for the design world, bringing collaborations like ours to a wider audience.

Have you had to keep this under wraps for a while and how long have you been working on it for?

Yes, we have been working on this collection with MADE since 2019… The pandemic really slowed things down! We did lots of initial meetings in person, then it was all Zoom. But when it came to colour, we had to meet in real life so we had a meeting in our garden on the deck, so we could see samples and choose the colours. Colour is so important to us!

Can you tell us your design process, how do you both work best to create such a collection?

It begins with digital visual concept boards and then lots of sketching, we are old school and love the immediacy of pen and paper. The collection is an expression of our ethos, to bring playfulness and character into your home through colour and shape. So felt tips play a part in that process. Instantly colourful and playful. Then it’s about translating that into real materials and working out what is achievable with the manufacturers available for each piece. It’s a long process with many moving parts so we focused on a strong initial concept and have held onto that throughout the process of bringing a product into reality. We are so pleased with the clarity of each piece and that was something we worked hard to hold onto.

MADE x 2LG drinks cabinet

How have you found working with MADE, and what about the brand made them the perfect fit?

We’ve been working together in various ways over the past 7-8 years so this has felt like a natural progression. We believe in openness and in building relationships that last so it has been wonderful to work with the team. It’s hard to hold onto the personal angle especially as a business grows and we cherish that. We also respect the amount of freedom that the team gave us and how supportive they were of our vision for this collection. It’s brilliant to be in a position to bring our designs to the market in an affordable way too.

You are known for embracing statement colours in your interiors, does this translate through the new collection?

Yes. We are all about freedom and clean strong statements. So this collection is a strong mix of colours we have loved long-term and new tones that are exciting us. We love to push the boundaries all the time, so the camel and neutral tones in the collection take our beloved pinks and blues into new territory. Camel is such an iconic colour in fashion and we wanted to bring some of that into the mix here.

MADE x 2LG mirror

We’re obsessed with the curved silhouettes and the retro wiggles you create, have these been brought to life through the new collection?

Absolutely, that is key to this collection. Each piece has its own voice and would happily fit into different interiors. For us the wiggle is a signature of our desire to break with convention and colour outside of the lines. But we’ve tried to deliver that in a way that is functional and authentic to each piece in its own way. Rather than layering those shapes and colours on, they are key parts of the identity. Plus, who doesn’t love a cheeky wiggle table or a gorgeous bar cabinet with secret blue mirrored interior?

MADE is known for great design and good quality, can you tell us a little bit about the materials used and the standard of pieces you’ve created?

We love to be involved in every stage of the process whether we are designing a full interior for a client or, in this case, a new collection. There were various options along the way for each piece but we always held onto the initial concept of the form so from there it was about how best to deliver that form within the constraints of the manufacturing structure available. Sometimes boundaries can be useful in narrowing down creative concepts so each stage added a refinement to the pieces. We are really happy with each piece.

MADE x 2LG lamp

Do you have a favourite piece?

Jordan: The Lamp. Such an important piece to add instant soft atmosphere into any space and the tactile quality of the ceramic with the wiggle motif makes me very happy.

Russell: Such a hard one. I love them all, but it’s between the armchair and the side table for me. I’m going with the side table because it’s such a fun shape but incredibly simple and chic at the same time. It would add a sculptural element to a room, which is always a welcome addition, and it’s the perfect place to set your G&T or cup of chamomile tea, whatever floats your boat.

Is there anything else that’s happened throughout the process that you wanted to mention?

So much has happened, in many ways for us this collection has been the one constant throughout this ever-changing period we have all been through. It has been a comfort to work on throughout and we hope these pieces will bring some love and happiness into people’s homes. A lot of love went into them.

And finally, have you got anything exciting coming up that you can tell us about? What’s next for 2LG Studio?

At the moment we are trying to live in the moment. For as long as we can remember we have had our time mapped out ahead up to two years in advance. We’ve always been ‘busy’, constantly moving and working, and that is not always the best way to live. So we have learned from this past two years that we want to go back to the things that matter most. We have been embracing a period of listening and learning so that we can free ourselves up a little and make room for some projects that really matter to us. It’s a little unknown territory and we are getting comfortable with that because sometimes in order to leap forward you have to take a pause.

Thanks Russell and Jordan. You can shop the MADE x 2LG Studio collection here, but first see our top picks…

boucle chair

2LG Accent Armchair, £379, MADE

drinks cabinet
coffee table
side table

2LG Side Table, £199, MADE


2LG Sideboard, £549, MADE

tabel lamp

2LG Table Lamp, £79, MADE

round wall mirror

2LG Wavy Round Wall Mirror, £159, MADE

wool rug

2LG Handtuft Wool Rug, £349, MADE

Interview by Charlotte Page