LVL lash lift review: What you need to know

Mascara – it’s the hero of your make-up bag, the desert island beauty product you can’t live without, and perhaps sometimes the only thing you’ll use. But what if you could get the effects of mascara without having to bother putting it on? Saving time and effort in the morning, avoiding any melting in the summer sunshine and swerving the dreaded panda eye after a night on the tiles all sound like a pipedream…

Enter Nouveau Lashes LVL (length, volume and lift) treatment. The popularity of lash enhancements have skyrocketed in the last few years, so it’s no surprise that over half of Nouveau Lashes’ monthly bookings are for LVL. The promise of perfectly curled and tinted lashes for 6-8 weeks sans make-up is a big draw, so we visited the Karen Betts Clinic at No 1 Harley Street to put LVL to the test.

After a quick chat with Karen to discuss what actually happens, what effects were desired and my lash health (healthy, long and relatively curled, thank you very much), she decided upon a medium shield so my eyelashes wouldn’t hit my browbone and then kink.

Firstly a guard is put onto your lower lashes to keep them safe, before the chosen shield for your curl is places onto your eyelid. The top lashes are then carefully separated and bonded to the shield – it looks bizarre and feels quite strange, but doesn’t hurt in the slightest.

Next Karen puts a cream onto the lashes which effectively breaks down the bond inside, so that your lash takes on the shape of the shield. After a few minutes this is carefully removed and another cream to heal the bonds within the lash is used, so the shape holds.

With the curling completed, a tint is then put on for a few minutes, while Karen treats you to a very soothing hand massage. Curled, tinted and nearly ready to go, the last step is a conditioner to ensure your lashes have maximum flutter-appeal.

The before and after photos are so drastic that even a mascara fiend like myself didn’t have too much of an issue going make-up-free for two days. Sleeping carefully and keeping your eye area bone dry is also a must if you want to maintain your new shape. Once this period is over you are welcome to go back to your usual make-up routine, though you will find your lashes have a lot more impact!

Nouveau Lashes recommend using their make-up remover and serum to keep everything in tip-top condition. Their Lash & Lid Wash is also brilliant at removing eye make-up remnants without having to scrub.

Several weeks on and the effects of my LVL are still in full force; even as a self-confessed beauty junkie I’ve dared to go barefaced at work on several occasions. It may be ideal for holidays, but I’ll be back long before…

Prices for the LVL start from £45 (salon dependent). Find a salon near you at

Review by Alice Robertson