Lush is discontinuing 150 products: Here’s exactly what’s leaving the shelves

All good things must come to an end, and when one door closes, another window opens. Forgive us for the double cliche, but we’re trying to very gently break the news that Lush is discontinuing 150 (yes, 1-5-0) products from its existing ranges.

The retailer has taken lockdown as an opportunity to review its entire existing portfolio, and in doing so, has come up with Fewer Products Better Results, an initiative that will clear out products that are no longer aligning with its key criteria, and make space for fresh innovation.

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Over 12 weeks, each of the 670 products currently in stock was reviewed with three questions in mind: ‘Is it number one in its category?’, ‘Does it serve customer’s needs?’ and ‘Is it part of a cosmetic revolution?’

If your favourite is on the list to go, you’ll probably be feeling more than a little heartbroken at the thought of its departure, but Lush notes that it’s actually a positive process designed to give them more room to build the strongest range possible for the consumer, so ultimately you might end up discovering an option that you love even more.

Lush discontinued products

Cult favourites that are going out of production include the Oat face mask, the aubergine bath bomb and the Karma Cream lotion. But while it’s goodbye for now, you may find it’s not forever; subscribers to the newly launched Lush Kitchen Subscription Box have the opportunity a chance to vote on the contents, so your beloved cleanser, bath bomb or haircare could be reintroduced somewhere along the line.

Until that moment, here’s the full list of discontinued Lush products that will soon start disappearing – we recommend you stock up sooner rather than later.

The 150 Lush discontinued products leaving the shelves

Discontinued Lush bath bombs

Aubergine, Ninja, Black Rose, Blue Gardenia Bath Salt Cube, Calavera, Flight, Geode, Golden Slumbers, Goldrush, Honey I Washed The Kids, Kitsune, Lucky Cat, Roar!, Rocket Science, Rose Clay Bath Salt Cube, Royalty, Strawberries and Cream, Tengri, The Olive Branch, Think Pink, Turtle Jelly Bomb, Yuzu & Cocoa.

Discontinued Lush bath oils

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Angels, Cream, Demons, Double Vitality, Floating Island, Flowers Barrow, Furze, High Violet, I Want A Pony, Imp-atient, Lets Get It On, Love Is The Way, Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment, One Kiss, Polyamorous, Revelations, Savior, You’ve Been Mangoed.

Discontinued Lush bubbles

Akaname, Bathos, Candy Bubble Brush, Dirty, Erlenmeyer Flask, Excavation, Gold Finger, Keep it Fluffy, Love, Party Popper, Relax… Take A Bath, Return to Emerald City, Rugar Rush, Stargazer.

Discontinued Lush shower products

Naked and Liquid Shower Gels – Almond Blossom.

Shower moisturisers – Argan Dragon.

Shower scrubs – Big Buffy, Easy Peeler, Soya Bran exfoliator.

Shower bombs – Blue Pill, Love, Luck, Meditation shower bomb, Supernatural, Tantric Energy.

Discontinued Lush body products

Hands – Frangipani Glove, Salted Coconut Scrub.

Deos & Dusting – Greench solid deo, Gymslip, Princess, Sunflower.

Lotions – Karma Kream naked and potted, Little pot of Energy, Naked Dream Cream, Naked Pansy, Naked Sleepy, Naked Sympathy For The Skin.

Masks – Oat Mask.

Shimmer bar – Shimmy Shimmy

Balms – Ultra balm, Vegelene.

Discontinued Lush face products

Facial oils – Amazon primer, Banana skin, Dirty Beard Oil.

Cleansers – Baby Face, Griti Politi (all sizes), Like a Virgin (all sizes), Okame.

Masks – Brazened Honey, Cupcake.

Mouth – Whipstick Lip Balm.

Discontinued Lush make-up products

Foundation – All shades of Beyond Foundation Liquid Foundation.

Lipsticks – Banjul, Bissau, Caracus, Chouf, Dubai, Haarlem. Harare, Havana, Jaipur, Kingston, Kwinella, Lahore, Linz, Lulea, Madrid, Manchester, Mandalay, Maun, Milano, Mogadishu, Paris, Porto Alegre, Porto, Pretoria, Sapporo, Tokyo, Tomsk, Windhoek.

Eyeliners – Calico, Ceriths, Coquina, Cowrie, Periwinkle, Tellin.

Glow Sticks – Ibis, Lark, Peacock, Rock Dove, Sunbird. Loose Bronzer – Desert Island.

Discontinued Lush oral care products

Mouthwash – Adam’s Apple, Chamomile, Golden Pear, Gospels, Happy Pill, Mandarin, Palma Violet, Pangalactic Gargle Blaster, Sleepy Pill, Spritz, Zephyrus.

Toothy tabs – Before Eight, Bubblegum, Frostbite, Happy Pill, Limelight, Mandarin Fireworks, Miles of Smiles, Neem, Oral Pleasure, Supermineral, Supherb, Top Gum.

Discontinued Lush hair products

Hot oil treatment – Arabian Brights, Hair Doctor, Hercules, Kinky, Marilyn, New, Yuge.

Conditioner – Black Hole Sun, Jungle, Sugar Daddyo.

Shampoo – Curly Wurly, No Drought pressed dry shampoo, Petal Head pressed dry shampoo.

Styling – Giants Gel, Hair Custard, On Edge, Millennial, Poseidon, Queen Bee, The Invisible Dry Oil, There’s Something About Rosemary.

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