Lulu Guinness reveals why she’s holding her first LFW presentation in 28 years

This London Fashion Week sees renowned British designer Lulu Guinness debut her collection for the first time in her brand’s 28-year history.

Here, she tells YOU why the time is now…

Lulu Guinness
Stefan Sieler

Why have you decided to show at London Fashion Week for the very first time this year?

We wanted to show off our British roots globally, and LFW has that reach. This season I wanted to be a LFW obviously has that global reach – and this season I wanted to be part of it!

Why did you decide to hold a presentation rather than a catwalk show?

Presentations are concept driven and allow for the interaction with press and customers. I wanted to make it all-inclusive and this way I can allow for as many people as possible to see the presentation.  

Have you found preparing for Fashion Week to be a stressful experience?

Of course, but I know it will all be worth it on the day, if it’s going to be a success! Stress is a part of being in the fashion business…

Why are you showing on two days?

Saturday 17th February is our on schedule presentation for press and buyers, with models to showcase our clothing.

On the Sunday 18th February we are opening the experiences up to our customers, London College of fashion students and our most engaged followers on social media. The day will consist of a series of one hour private views of the presentations with additional Q&As and ‘in conversations’, allowing for a different insight into my brand, hosted by Francesca Sieler (Head of PR & Marketing). She will be interviewing interesting people within my business such as my MD and Design Director.

Our online stream (which will be uploaded on the hour, every hour), will feature interviews with celebrities hosted by Jasmine Guinness and Jade Parfitt.

You’ve said that your presentation will be ‘a lot of fun’, with opportunities for guests to interact with the show and become a part of live art. Can you give us any other insights into the set up?

We are keeping this a secret! We want it to be a surprise and totally unexpected.

Do you feel pressure to create something that’s Instagram friendly?

No! I absolutely love Instagram and it is an endless opportunity to look forward to seeing the ideas we have come up with. Coming up with concepts and ideas that involve everyone is something I really enjoy.

What do you most want people to get out of the presentation?

To feel part of something and enjoy themselves. I can’t wait to see people having fun!

Who would be on your dream front row? 

We would love to see the likes of Vanessa Kirby, Eleanor Tomlinson, Joanne Froggatt and Caroline Issa.

Which style icon from the past would you most like to see wearing Lulu Guinness?

It would have to be someone like Josephine Baker!

How would you sum up a Lulu Guinness woman?

A Lulu customer knows life is not a bed of roses but a bit of glamour, a sense of humour and optimism will always help get you through.

Which designers are you most looking forward to seeing this LFW?

Ashish. His glitter against gloom statement is right up my street.

How do you plan to celebrate once your presentation is over?

A stretcher has been ordered!

Words by Miranda Thompson