The lowest calorie spirit on the drinks menu isn’t actually vodka

Christmas is fast approaching and while we’re all preparing to let our hair down (responsibly!), the thought of letting our belts out a couple of notches feels less appealing. But which is the lowest calorie spirit to be topping up our glasses with?

Thanks to research from, we can guide you in the direction of the drink that’s the least likely to add a couple of extra pounds over the festive season – and surprisingly, it’s not vodka. The little-loved brandy is actually named as the lowest-calorie spirit on the market, with 50 calories per shot, followed by vodka (52 per serve) and then rum and gin (53 per shot).

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The research has also sussed out the best mixer to be tucking into at your Christmas party – and yet again serves up a surprise. Skip the vodka lime and soda (which clocks up 112 calories a serving) and step forward the rum and Diet Coke, which comes in at 105 calories for a double measure and mixer, closely followed by a gin and diet tonic (107) and then a whiskey and Diet Coke (111) before the vodka lime and soda.

Unsurprisingly, if you want to minimise your calorie intake, you should go for calorie-free mixers such as Diet Coke and soda water. But it’s less obvious that a standard gin and tonic – often recommended as the healthier choice – isn’t actually that much better than other spirit/mixer combinations and clocks up around the same number of calories per unit as a beer (160) due to the number of calories contained in gin.

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It’s probably best to stay away from shots of sambuca in any case – and even more so if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake. Despite containing the same amount of alcohol as other spirits per shot, its high sugar content means it contains almost double the amount of calories per shot. We’ll cheers to that!

Feature by Miranda Thompson