A former Love Island contestant reveals interesting insights into those recoupling speeches

Love Island’s recouplings have led to some of favourite TV moments ever, with drama, weepy declarations and outright insults never off the cards.

However, while they may lead to gasps both from the audience and the other islanders sitting round the villa, it turns out those recoupling speeches aren’t quite as spontaneous as we may have thought.

Former contestant Shaughna Phillips (below), who had her own great recoupling moment with ‘Congrats hun’, revealed more during an appearance on the Should I Delete That podcast.

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She said that the islanders don’t go into the ceremony blind, but instead discuss their speeches beforehand. ‘You kind of go over it with a producer before, that night’ she revealed. ‘So, during dinner time you kind of talk through it. It’s very produced.’

While producers love ramping up the suspense for viewers by eeking out the recoupling speeches on TV, what we experience at home is nothing like as long as the islanders have to film for. ‘But when you’re doing, like, the “I would like to couple up with this person because…” you do that in three sections’ said Shaughna. ‘So you say that, and then you have a big pause, then you say the next bit, pause. They kind of ask you to go for chats and certain things. It’s a TV show, so I get it.’

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She previously revealed to OK! the true length of time they take to film. ‘I would say it depends on how many [couples] there are. It could be an hour and a half to two hours, but when you’re sitting down there, you have to sit in silence, so you literally have to sit in silence until you have to say your part, and it’s so difficult.

‘I remember there would be like times where we would just all burst out laughing, and we would all have to then stop and be straight-faced.’

It wasn’t all giggles though, as Shaughna said sometimes the length of filming could lead to frustration. ‘I remember, there would be times when some of the girls would sit on the beanbags and one of us would literally cry because we’re so tired… you’ve just got to kind of wait for one more thing to happen and if that one scene or that one conversation takes ages, you’re just like “just do what they’re asking you to do,” because you’re just so knackered’ she said.

Not just lounging around in the sun drinking iced coffees after all!