This £3 L’Oreal shampoo is receiving rave reviews for transforming ‘yellow’ hair

Trying to maintain healthy-looking blonde locks can be difficult. That’s why it’s always great when you come across a product that is loved by many and actually appears to do what it promises – and judging by its swathe of reviews, L’Oreal’s Elvive Colour Protect Purple Shampoo falls under that category.

Loreal Purple Shampoo
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The magic shampoo has been hailed by shoppers around the world for doing wonders for their golden locks, be it for highlighted or greying hair.

In fact, the £2.72 shampoo is so good that it has been receiving endless five-star ratings and rave reviews by happy customers on Amazon and Superdrug. So, what’s so special about it?

Well, the special shampoo contains a colour correcting purple formula which ‘nourishes hair and neutralises unwanted yellow, orange, and brassy tones in just one use, to help leave hair looking bright and beautiful.’

loreal purple shampoo reviews

This works because purple colour is the opposite to yellow on the colour wheel, therefore the purple within the purple shampoo formula helps neutralise yellow tones. And according the highly enthusiastic feedback from customers, it really works.

‘Before I used this shampoo (along with the conditioner), i tried endless products to take the yellow tones out of my hair,’ one customer wrote on the Superdug website. ‘I saw this shampoo was on offer so I purchased it.

‘After ONE shower, my hair was completely stripped of all the yellow tones and left me with a gorgeous white-blonde colour! I definitely recommend to people who want to tone their hair lighter or to get rid of yellow-ness. It was so quick and easy.’

loreal purple shampoo

Elvive Colour Protect Purple Shampoo 200ml, £2.72, Superdrug

Similarly, another wrote on Amazon: ‘I had never tried the purple before but having heard how good it is was pleased to have the opportunity. It’s advised to be used weekly which I feel is sufficient. I didn’t use the conditioner as my hair gets weighed down by conditioners. But I am very impressed.’

A third agreed that it ‘takes out the brassiness and leaves hair with a faint silver tone – it also leaves hair very soft,’ while dubbing it ‘one of the best silver shampoos I have tried.’ High praise indeed!