Liz Jones has released a hilarious video to answer all of your most Googled questions

What question would you ask Liz Jones if you had the chance? Well, we might just have asked it for you, as the brilliantly unfiltered columnist has released a video answering all of the most Googled questions about her, and, as her millions of loyal readers would expect, she’s taking no prisoners…

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Liz Jones and more. We won’t give you all the spoilers, but after years of avoiding the question (and telling some lies along the way), we can reveal that you’ll find out how old she really is.

Matthew Shave

She also lifts the on her very public fallout with Rihanna. Back in 2013 Liz made headlines across America when she accused the singer of being a bad role model. Rhianna retaliated by calling Liz a ‘menopausal mess’. But you’ll have to watch the video to find out how it really felt to be hated by one of the world’s biggest popstars… 

The candid clip is Liz as you’ve never seen her before, as she also tells of the hell of her bankruptcy and her biggest regrets and betrayals.  

Plus lots more revelations about the bullets through her letter box, the truth about those engagement rumours and will she ever reveal The Rockstar’s real name?

But if the most Googled questions aren’t enough Liz for your liking, fear not, as she’s also launched a brand new candid podcast, Liz Jones’s Diary, The Podcast.

Each episode is hosted by Liz and her trusty – and brutally honest – sidekick Nic, who has been with her every step of the way, to relive the bust-ups, betrayals…and bullets (no, really). The first episode is already available to download; you can listen and subscribe now at and, or find it on Spotify. Enjoy!

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