Celeb skincare favourite Liz Earle has launched six new products

Liz Earle has a legion of celebrity fans, from Holly Willoughby to Lily James, and it is perhaps best known for its iconic Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, which sells once every 17 seconds. As well as skincare, the brand also dabbles in body care and hair care, thus already conquering the beauty world with aplomb. 

So the news that it has brought out a new 6-product range, therefore, is pretty exciting to anyone who’s a Liz Earle loyalist. And let us tell you: this new range is perhaps the best ever from the brand. 

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The Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturisers and Botanical Drops offer a highly bespoke, personalised approach to skincare. There are three new moisturisers in the collection, along with three bottles of botanical drops, which are designed to be used as boosters in your aforementioned moisturiser. You therefore get exactly what you need from your products, and for your skin specifically. 

The moisturiser is a new formula by Liz Earle named Skin Repair, and there are three options depending on your skin type and needs: Skin Repair Rich Cream, for dry or stressed skin, Skin Repair Light Cream, to balance all skin types, and Skin Repair Gel Cream, which is best for oily complexions. All three promise to give 72 hours of hydration, and contain skin-loving ingredients such as vitamin E, avocado oil, and echinacea.

Skin Repair Gel Cream, £23, Liz Earle 

Skin Repair Light Cream, £23, Liz Earle 

Skin Repair Rich Cream, £23, Liz Earle 

After picking the moisturiser texture you desire, you can then choose your perfect booster drops. Again, there are three options: the Brightening Botanical Drops, which target dullness and uneven skin tone, the Balancing Botanical Drops, which are great for blemishes or excess shine, or the Calming Botanical Drops, which should be used on dry or sensitive complexions. 

Balancing Botanical Drops, £26, Liz Earle

All you have to do is mix two drops of your water-based boosters into palm with your moisturiser, then apply all over your face and neck. Customisable skincare has never been more covetable, and these new duos seem to make it easier than ever. 

All three creams (which come out online on 25 March) cost £23, while their boosters are £26. Paying £49 for your dream moisturiser sounds pretty fair to us!