This cooling gel pillow has more than 1,400 5-star reviews and will help you sleep in a heatwave

Too hot to sleep? You’re not alone. As temperatures reach the early 30s in the UK – a country where very few of our homes are fitted with sufficient air conditioning (or in an ideal world, outdoor pools) – we’re enduring unbearably sticky, stuffy conditions, especially when it comes to nodding off at night.

But before you lose all hope of a proper night’s sleep, there’s a novel solution available from Amazon which could make tossing and turning in sweaty sheets a thing of the past: introducing LIVIVO Cooling Gel Pillow, which retails for just £7.95 and is said to be an absolute game-changer.

cooling gel pillow Amazon

The genius creation is totally self-cooling, requiring no refrigeration (although you can easily pop it in the fridge for any extra chill if you wish). Instead, the jelly-textured pad absorbs dissipates heat away from the head and neck throughout the night, helping you to maintain an optimum temperature.

The manufacturers say that it’s particularly great for those suffering from migraines, night sweats, stress or tension headaches, sunburn, and even flu and fevers, as well as acting as a cooling saviour for those of us who are simply overheated on these scorching nights.

Because it’s small (40cm in length, with the option to fold it in half), it’s also handily portable, so if you’re planning a staycation or a visit to a friend’s home when lockdown restrictions are eased, you won’t need to spare any extra space in your suitcase.

self-cooling pillow

While it might sound too good to be true – especially for the price – those who’ve already invested in one say it really does work, with more than 1,400 5 star reviews on Amazon’s website.

‘Love this cooling mat, I use it to help alleviate night sweats,’ says one. ‘It’s great that it does not even need refrigerated, I just slide it under my pillow, pull it out when I need it, then set aside and it cools down by itself ready for the next hot flush.’

‘This product has exceeded expectations and I am very happy with it,’ agreed another. ‘The first night I felt the pillow and had serious doubts of it being cool enough. As soon as I lay down and put my head/face on the pillow it started to cool me down, it was amazing. I had my first solid night’s sleep! I recommend this product to all who turn tropical at night.’

cooling gel pillow

LIVIVO Cooling Gel Pillow, £7.95, Amazon

‘For the price, I have ordered two,’ says a third. ‘They are very comfortable to sleep on so no need to put it under a pillowcase, even my partner who would say if they were uncomfortable, will sleep with it on the top of a pillow. They are that good I have bought two more so we have a spare one each.’

With the mercury predicted to stay high for the next few weeks, placing an order now could be the best thing you do today…