Little Fires Everywhere: Everything we know so far about Reese Witherspoon’s new series

If you’ve got a Big Little Lies-shaped hole in your heart right now, then we’ve got just the thing to fix it. An exciting new drama starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington is coming to Hulu and something tells us it’s going to be just as much of a hit than the HBO favourite.

Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere is a new show based on author Celeste Ng’s New York Times bestselling novel of the same name. As well as taking the lead roles, both Witherspoon and Washington act as executive producers of the eight-part series, which automatically tells us that it is set for success.

Here’s everything we know about the show, including the brand new trailer…

The plot

Based on the same plot as the book, Little Fires Everywhere follows the dynamics of rich suburban mother and wife named Elena Richardson and her picture perfect family, and mother and daughter Mia and Pearl Warren, who are far less well off and have just moved to the Shaker Heights, the small town in which the Richardsons’ reside.

Little Fires Everywhere

Elena welcomes Mia into the neighbourhood and offers her a job as the family’s maid as the two women’s kids become friends. Their lives soon become intertwined and after a falling out, things get even more dramatic as Elena becomes fixated on digging out any dirt from Mia’s past.

The show then dives into themes like class, social status, motherhood and the weight of past secrets.

Commenting on the show, Kerry Washington said: ‘From the beginning, the book does delve into class and sociopolitical differences and cultural differences. The book does a really good job of stepping away from this binary idea of race we have in this country, which is black and white, because we’re also dealing with Asian identity, immigrant identity and class. It’s a lot to unpack.’


The cast

Reese Witherspoon takes the role of Elena Richardson, while Mia Warren is played by Kerry Washington. Other cast members include Joshua Jackson who plays Elena’s husband, Bill Richardson and Lexi Underwood who plays Mia’s daughter Pearl.

The air date

Little Fires Everywhere premiers on Hulu on 18 March. However, no UK air date has been confirmed yet.