Lisa Snowdon: ‘I love my body now… and that’s powerful’

Model and presenter Lisa Snowdon reveals to Edwina Ings-Chambers what it took to finally feel confident in her own skin.

Lisa Snowdon is a bit of a multiple ‘slasher’: model/radio and TV presenter/fashion adviser/Instagrammer. She has also recently added podcaster to her career roster with the launch of Get Lifted, in which she takes a serious look at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. As she is a beauty aficionado, too, it seemed a good time to sit down with her and chat about all things face and body…

Lisa Snowdon
Clive Shalice

I believe your mother was a hairdresser. Did that lead to any great hair stories?

She trained as a hairdresser but then she got pregnant with me so only ever did it for friends and family. I used to have really long hair – it never got trimmed. Though when I think about it, my nieces and nephews are always having theirs cut. My mother would highlight my hair for me – do you remember those caps with the minuscule holes? She also permed it once. I think she left the lotion on for too long and it was not a good look. She never touched my hair again.

You’ve spent a lot of time in front of cameras. What are your top make-up tips?

I love two coats of mascara – and curl lashes first. Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows – I learned that the hard way. Just tidy them up a bit. In front of the camera you do need coverage, but for real life I would try to have skin shine through so just dot concealer or tinted moisturiser to cover any dark circles, bits of redness around the nose or any imperfections. I think less is more as you get older.

What are your favourite beauty products?

If I can do mascara, concealer and a bit of a brow then I can leave the house. For mascara, I use By Terry Lash-Expert Twist Brush – it has two different brushes (£25, I also like Perricone MD No Makeup Mascara (£25,, which contains vitamin E and has a serum to help lashes grow.

By Terry mascara

My favourite cover-ups are Elf 16hr Camo Concealer (£6, and Rodial Peach Lowlighter (£38, You can put the Rodial on top of the Elf under eyes for a more brightening effect. Elf also does a great Wow Brow Gel (£6) that’s infused with fibres to make eyebrows look fuller, and Kevyn Aucoin True Feather Brow Marker Gel Duo (£22, gives a really natural look.

elf concealerFor fragrance I like Byredo Rose Noir (£122, – a rosy floral but with a sensual dark undertone.

Byredo Rose NoirWhat do you wish you’d known or realised about your face and body when you were younger?

I wish I’d used sunscreen more. I had beautiful skin but at 16 and 17 I was all about getting a tan. And I had a really great little body and wish I could go back and tell myself to have more confidence, but it’s hard when so much is changing and your hormones are kicking in. You go through an awkward stage.

Rodial Peach LowlighterWhat have you learnt about your body as you’ve got older?

I’ve put my body through a lot – partying, lots of tequila, all kinds of things. I think it’s amazingly resilient. But I do enjoy looking after it – I love exercising, eating the right things, body brushing, all that kind of stuff. I like my body more now and have a good relationship with it. It takes a lot to say that but it’s a powerful place to be.

Wow brow gelSo you’re content in your own skin, but I know you’ve had CoolSculpting (fat-freezing to remove stubborn pockets of fat. Lisa paid full price for her sessions but has since become an ambassador for the treatment). What made you try it?

I had a bit of stubborn fat on my inner thigh and no matter what I did I couldn’t shift it. A doctor told me I was the perfect candidate for CoolSculpting, so I went for a proper consultation first. It complements my lifestyle because I do look after myself but I just needed that little something extra. And I loved the fact there was no downtime afterwards and it wasn’t an unpleasant experience – I was reading a magazine throughout.

Kevyn Aucoin True Feather Brow Marker Gel DuoDo you think women – and men – in public life should be more honest about having had cosmetic treatments?

It’s not for me to say. Some people aren’t comfortable talking about it but I just want to be honest.

How are you feeling about turning 50 next year?

It’s a number, at the end of the day. As long as I can stay healthy and happy and in a great relationship with lots of supportive people around me, then who cares? But ask me the day before and I may feel differently!

For more information about CoolSculpting and to find a clinic near you, visit

Get your summer shimmer on

The year-round quest for ‘glow’ has become a beauty constant – and turned the adjective into one of the most used in the modern beauty product lexicon. But in the summer months I like to add a bit of glimmer and shimmer to the mix. And here’s three easy ways to do it this year…

First is with the new Leighton Denny Spread the Sparkle Nail Polish (£12, It offers a very easy pick-me-up and gives nails some serious disco fever thanks to its lovely rose gold shade with added glitter. Even just one coat instantly jazzes up proceedings. Great for any time of year but especially bedazzling when the sun is shining.

Leighton Denny nail varnishFor lips, I’m enjoying using the new NYX This is Milky Gloss (£9, Available in eight shades, it delivers a lovely wash of glossy colour that also keeps lips hydrated. Despite the name, it is vegan!

NYX This is Milky GlossAnd for the body I recommend Keys Soulcare Sacred Body Oil (£25, It has no added glitter, just the natural gleam that a lovely oil can give to skin. With a blend of marula, baobab and jojoba oils plus manuka honey, it absorbs quickly, is non-greasy and is wonderfully hydrating and smoothing for skin. The aroma of sage and oat milk is very mood brightening, too. @edwinaingschambers

Keys Soulcare Sacred Body OilBeauty assistant: Alice Robertson