Lisa Faulkner’s no-yeast pizza recipe is the comfort food we’ve been craving

Meals are a complex issue right now; with government advice stating that we should only be going to the shops for essentials, and supermarket shelves often depleted when we do make it into the store, many of us are turning to store cupboard essentials to rustle up food the whole family will enjoy.

Luckily, the nation’s top chefs are on hand to help us make the most of what we’ve got in stock. First Jamie Oliver’s Keep Cooking and Carry On taught us how to make fresh pasta with just two ingredients, and now Lisa Faulkner and her husband, MasterChef’s John Torode, have revealed a clever hack for whipping up our other favourite comfort food, pizza, with no yeast required.

Lisa Faulkner
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In fact, their inventive version of the Italian classic, which they shared on Instagram, requires just four basic ingredients (plus toppings, of course): self-raising flour, a pinch of salt, baking powder, and yogurt.

‘It usually needs yeast but we don’t have it so we’re going to use yogurt,’ John says in the video, to which Lisa adds: ‘Natural yogurt, but I could only find Greek yogurt. It’s exactly the same.’

To whip up the dough for the simple no-yeast pizza recipe, all you need to do is combine the four ingredients and divide into four balls, to make four individual bases.

Lisa Faulkner’s no-yeast pizza recipe: the ingredients you need

250g natural yogurt
250g self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt

Even if you don’t have self raising flour in the cupboard, Lisa notes that you can ‘use plain flour but put a big teaspoon, maybe two, of baking powder’, to help give your bases a decent rise.

Once they’re prepared, you simply put them into a 220C oven for 3-4 minutes, then it’s time to add sauce, cheese and whatever else takes your fancy. John and Lisa even shared their go-to tomato topping recipe, which can also be used for pasta, soup or spaghetti.

Lisa Faulkner no-yeast pizza

Fans were seriously impressed with the suggestion, with one writing: ‘Love watching you two. Thank you so much for giving us such great ideas!! ??’

‘Absolutely love these videos ! We have had to isolate as my husband is feeling unwell. With a 12 & 15 year old in the house this is Food Tech and lunch sorted?? Thanks so much,’ agreed another.

So, if you’re self-isolating for the foreseeable but have a few staples in supply, you might still be able to get a slice of the action and make pizza for your household. Enjoy!