Lisa Faulkner’s genius no-pastry apple pie hack is a game changer

With many of us currently spending more time at home than ever before, lots of us are using our spare time to flex our culinary skills – or take the time to learn new ones. However, with certain essential items hard to get hold of in the supermarkets and lots of people having to self-isolate with no access to food shops at all, we’re all having to get a bit creative with our dishes.

Lisa Faulkner
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Enter Lisa Faulkner. Together with her chef husband John Torode, the actress and Celebrity Masterchef winner has been using her lockdown time to cook up a storm in the kitchen. The couple have been putting out regular cooking videos on Lisa’s Instagram with helpful hacks for creating easy recipes at home with suggested substitutes for those hard-to-come-by ingredients, such as her genius no-yeast pizza recipe.

And one of the couple’s latest videos is no less handy, as it shows us how to create delicious apple pie without using any pastry. John says it reminds him of the apple pie you get from ‘that restaurant, the famous one with the yellow arches’ – yes, he’s talking about McDonald’s.

To make their ‘Maccers’-inspired apple pie, instead of using pastry, they take pre-sliced white bread (‘I call it plastic bread,’ Lisa comments in the clip), and roll it out thinly, before topping each slice with different fillings – John teaches viewers how to make caramelised apple pie filling in the video while Lisa makes some chocolate spread and banana filled ‘pies’ as well – and folding over to create mini individual pies that bake in the oven for 12-14 minutes. Yep, it’s that simple.

Lisa Faulkner and John Torode
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The couple also commented in the video how they had just completed one of Joe Wicks’ daily workout videos, so they were definitely looking forward to their sweet homemade pies as a post-workout treat.

Lisa has also shown her 231,000 followers easy recipes for making a chicken curry traybake, Rice Krispie chicken and leftover-filled quesadillas, giving us ample dinner inspiration for every night of the week.