Lindt is launching its first ever vegan chocolate range made with oat milk

Whether you’re vegan, have an intolerance to dairy, are trying to follow a more plant-based diet, or simply love the excuse to try a new chocolate product (that’ll be all of us then), then we’ve got amazing news for you: Lindt is launching vegan chocolate for the very first time in its 175 year history.

Lindt vegan chocolate
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Perhaps best known for its signature round globes of truffle (as well as those adorable gold foil bunnies and bears for occasional like Easter and Christmas), Lindt also has a delectable selection of boxes and bars – and the latter is where the Lindt vegan range will come in.

Three new flavours are set to launch under the Hello collection umbrella: cookies, hazelnut, and salted caramel, (each more delicious sounding than the last, if you ask us).

While some of the existing Lindt dark chocolate selection is accidentally vegan, the new line marks the first time that the brand has made a range specifically for vegan consumers. The innovation is possible thanks to the inclusion of oat milk, which will replicate Lindt’s rich, creamy texture and taste.

lindt vegan chocolate bars

The bars will be wrapped in fully recyclable packaging, and so far, sound pretty perfect. So brace yourself for the catch: the products will initially only be available in Germany from November, and there’s no word yet as to whether they will definitely make it to UK shelves.

However, considering the popularity of Galaxy’s vegan bars, which were released last year, not to mention the excitement that stirred up when Cadbury confirmed that it was working on a vegan Dairy Milk offering, Lindt would be missing a trick not to extend the rollout to our shores.

We’ve got our fingers firmly crossed that Lindt vegan chocolate will be with us by Christmas – it truly would be the most perfect present.