Lidl’s new spa range starts from just £1.49 and includes a salt crystal lamp

Looking for ways to bring some zen into your life? Really missing spa days? Us too, which is why we love Lidl’s latest release of a spa range, consisting of everything you need to create an at-home spa-like experience.

Launching in stores today (and hot on the heels of Lidl’s Le Creuset-style kitchenware launch), bath lovers will be delighted to hear that the Lidl spa range includes a padded bath mat with an integrated pillow for £4.99, which will make your evening soak even more relaxing. Just light some candles and drop some essential oils in your bath and you’ll be chilled out in no time.

salt lamp

Salt Crystal Lamp, £9.99, Lidl

For the ultimate spa-like atmosphere, add Lidl’s salt crystal lamp to your decor. Not only are they pretty and emit a relaxing, warm glow, salt lamps are believed to have healing and purifying properties. Normally costing upwards of £50, Lidl’s is a steal at just £9.99.

foot spa

Foot Spa Massager, £19.99, Lidl

As we head into spring – and therefore sandal season -, it’s time to start tending to our feet again. But while we can’t get to the salon for a pedicure, Lidl’s foot spa massager, complete with rollers for reflexology massage, will make a good replacement. Then, use the manicure and pedicure set, with seven interchangeable attachments made from sapphire and felt, to tackle nails and hard skin.

pedicure and manicure set

Manicure & Pedicure Set, £12.99, Lidl

Wave goodbye to single-use cotton pads and make-up wipes, with the arrival of Lidl’s reusable make-up remover pads. At just £2.49 for a pack, you’ll not just save yourself money but save the planet, too. Filling out the cosmetics side of the range is a £4.99 cosmetic mirror and transparent make-up organisers for just £1.49 (or 2 for £2), in a range of designs to suit your organising needs.

make up organiser

Makeup Organiser, £1.49, Lidl

Finally in the Lidl spa range, the multi-function hot air styler is perfect for experimenting with new hairstyles or for styling and drying hair in one step. With 6 attachments, two heat and speed settings and a cool-shot function to set your hairstyle, it’s a steal at £11.99.

hot air styler

Multi-Function Hot Air Styler, £11.99, Lidl