Lidl is launching a range of designer-inspired scented candles

Scented candles are the ultimate in luxury – but sometimes, we don’t have the budget to splurge on the more expensive votives on the shelves. Enter Lidl, which has just announced the launch of its designer-inspired candle range, where prices start from just £3.99.

‘The Luxury Collection’ comprises of a selection of candles, room sprays and reed diffusers in three scents – soft and calming Lavender, rich and warming Pomegranate or tropical Citrus & Herb.

Lidl scented candles

Presented in a simple glass jar, Lidl’s scented candles bear more than a passing resemblance to more luxe candles from The White Company, which retail for £20 and above, and offer similar fragrances.

Whether the throw and burn time match up remains to be seen – although Lidl has also shared a helpful list of tips to help shoppers to look after and make the most of their purchase:

1. Trim the wick: the general rule is the longer the wick, the quicker your candle will burn. This is especially important with glass encased candles, as it will prevent the glass from getting too hot. The ideal wick length is no longer than 2mm.

2.  Keep draughts at bay: Make sure you keep your candle away from places such as windows or under air vents where it gets draughty. Draughts cause your candle to burn quicker, as well as posing a health and safety risk.

3. Keep it cool: If you’re re-lighting a candle, it’s important to ensure it’s completely cooled down beforehand. Candles in containers usually take around two hours to cool, and doing so makes it easier to trim the wax and keeps the candle in top condition.

Pomegranate scented candle, £3.99, Lidl

Of course, Lidl isn’t the only affordable supermarket to branch out into the world of scented candles – rival Aldi’s Jo Malone-esque candles have been a hit since their launch with customers who say they’re dead ringers for pricier alternatives.

Excited to see how Lidl’s offering measures up? The Luxury Collection candles, diffusers and room sprays are in stores from 7 February, and available on a while stocks last basis. We’ll see you in the queue!