Lidl just launched a red wine that’s best served cold (no, really!)

We all know the room temperature rule when it comes to red wine – but now Lidl have changed the game, by launching a red wine that’s best served cold.

Sounds odd? We know. The thought of sipping on a glass of red in the scorching sunshine isn’t something we’d usually recommend – neither is mixing the words ‘chilled’ and ‘red wine’. But, we live and we learn, and today, Lidl’s brand new bottle of red has proved just that.

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Launching as part of the popular budget supermarket’s Wine Tour, the £6.99 Vin Art Villányi Portugieser is a light red wine, but unlike the usual, it is best served perfectly cooled. To get the best end results, you’re advised to put the bottle in the fridge for 25 minutes before serving, or alternatively, plunge it into an ice bucket filled with a mix of ice and water for 8-10 minutes.

However, if you’re really short of time (or just too eager to start sipping) you can just throw in an ice cube – or, if you’re worried about diluting the drink, try frozen grapes instead. Oh, and extra points for those who chill the glasses before pouring the wine in.


Vin Art Villányi Portugieser, £6.99, Lidl

‘Not just any red qualifies for chilling,’ say the supermarket’s wine experts. ‘Leave blockbuster Cabernets in the wine rack until Autumn. What you want are light, fruity examples with lower alcohol and softer tannins. Time in the fridge will increase the freshness, so the wines taste juicier and even more appetising.’

The rest of the latest edition of the Lidl Wine Tour starts from only £5.99, and features a selection of chillable, light summery reds, with a particular focus on fresh and aromatic Austrian and Hungarian wines – nearly half of which have an ABV of below 12% making them easy to sip on all summer long.

The entire selection is now available at Lidl.