Cheeseboard crisps are here to make every savoury snacker’s dreams come true

Cheesecake, ice cream and sticky toffee pudding are all well and good, but there is no greater way to round off a meal than with a well-stocked cheeseboard.

In our books, the combination of cheese, crackers, nuts, fruit and chutney is one that remains completely irresistible no matter which varieties are placed on the platter – and if you’re just as invested in savoury menu options as we are, Lidl’s latest launch is going to make all of your snack-based dreams come true.

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The budget supermarket have launched a new range of cheeseboard crisps, which take inspiration from the classic flavour combinations you know and love from the cheese course on a crispy potato or vegetable base.

There are three delightfully pungent pairings to choose from: Blue Stilton with Red Onion and Thyme and French Camembert with Rosemary and Wild Garlic are both bags of classic potato crisps, while the Blue Stilton and Rosemary option comes as a selection of root vegetable crisps including beetroot, carrot and parsnip.

The new launch is part of Lidl’s Deluxe range, with packaging fancy enough to display to any dinner party guests, but as always with the German store, luxury doesn’t have to come at a price; each 100g bag costs just 99p.

Lidl cheeseboard crisps

Piling them high in your most generously-sized bowls is the most obvious serving suggestion, but we’d also seriously consider offering them alongside the usual crackers and cheeses on a cheeseboard itself – and we can’t help but imagine how delicious they’d be with a chutney dipping sauce alongside.

The cheeseboard crisps are in stores now and will only be available while stocks last, so if you plan on serving them at Christmas time, pick up a packet or two now so you don’t miss out. Now, Lidl, who do we have to speak to about expanding the range into the realms of brie and cheddar too?