Lidl has launched a Cat Cave as part of its new pet range

The ‘middle of Lidl’ is famous for its bargain finds – particularly, its supermarket dupes and discounted versions of more expensive brands. Some of the most uncanny copies include the colourful Le Creuset-style kitchenware and the smart fan heater dupe of the Dyson model.

Now, as part of Lidl’s Pet Week, which runs from 18 March, the brand has launched an adorable Cat Cave.

The cosy nap spot features a non-slip base and removable cushion so it can be washed easily. But, the best part about the Cat Cave is the star-shaped entrance that’s clearly been made for a glamour puss.

Lidl cat cave

Zoofari Cat Cave Bed, £12.99, Lidl

The Cat Cave is a strong contender with those gorgeous Aldi scalloped pet beds, but proud owners can rest assured their pampered pets are getting a great deal on this too. Lidl describes the Cat Cave as ‘ideal for fancy felines looking for somewhere stylish to take their afternoon cat nap’.

And, priced at £12.99, your cat can have all the style and class without the price tag.

If your puss is less Garfield and more active, Lidl’s new pet range also includes an Electronic Interactive Cat Toy to ‘encourage natural hunting instincts’.

Zoofari Electronic Interactive Cat Toy, £9.99, Lidl

It’s not all about our feline friends, either. Included in the Pet Week deals is a range of pet accessories and toys. An eco-friendly pet bed is on offer, which is made from recycled materials, and there’s a selection of Dog Rope Toys available for as little as £2.99.

Lidl pet bed

Zoofari Recycled Pet Bed, £9.99, Lidl

In comparison to Zara’s first-ever pet collection, these are a steal.

The new pet range is available in Lidl stores nationwide and the full range can be found here.