Lidl’s new perfume range contains a brilliant dupe for Lancome’s bestselling scent

There’s nothing better than a good quality fragrance, but sometimes you don’t always need to spend a fortune to get a scent that smells divine. In fact, if you’re after a new perfume for spring but your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a designer favourite this side of payday, then you’re in luck.

Lidl has launched a new range of perfumes all priced under £5, and the collection includes some incredible dupes of famous brand name perfumes.

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For example, it’s been reported that Lidl’s Aura En Rose, which comes in a 100ml bottle, smells just like Lancome’s iconic La Vie Est Belle – only it’s almost £50 cheaper than the classic fragrance which is priced at £54.50 for 100ml.

Lidl Lancome dupe

La Vie Est Belle – Eau De Parfum, £54.50, Lancome

At just £4.99 per bottle, the impressive dupe has been described by the German supermarket as containing ‘the scents of an entire bouquet of flowers’, making it the perfect choice for your next date night.

The rest of the range is made up of equally delightful purse-friendly fragrances, some of which are also said to be smell-a-likes for expensive bottles. If you love DKNY Woman, try Aura New York, which channels some of the same notes for a fraction of the price.

Lidl Aura en rose

Aura En Rose by Suddenly, £4.99, Lidl

Like your scent to match the season? The sunny floral feel of Aura De Aquamarina will be right up your street, while Aura D’Elle is a headier floral that works for both day and night. Love citrus? Reach for Aura Unicke, a clean, light spritz with notes of mandarin orange, papaya and bergamot. In total, there are seven to choose between, so you’ll want to head in store to do the sniff test and pick out your favourite.

However, before you buy, don’t forget that Lidl isn’t the only retailer to have launched a designer dupe as of late. Last week, we reported that fragrance fans are raving about a £16 Zara scent that is uncanny to a famous Chloé perfume – although at these prices, perhaps you can afford to invest in both.