Lidl has launched a low-maintenance house plant that gets its nutrients from the air

Once January is over and done with, spring will be just around the corner and with it, a fresh new season for blossoming flowers and plants. Naturally, this inspires us to spruce up our homes with some new greenery.


However, while houseplants are a trendy addition to our homes, many of us tend to struggle with, you know, keeping them alive. But now the geniuses at Lidl have come up with the perfect solution.

The budget supermarket has launched a new air plant to solve all of your houseplant woes. The new plant is super low-maintenance, meaning it is the ultimate buy for either first-time plant parents or those of us who love jetting off on holiday without having to hire (or bribe) a plantsitter. So what makes it so easy to care for?

The hardy plant, known as the Tillandsia, gets most of its nutrients from the air which means other than the occasional watering they don’t need much looking after and are pretty self-sufficient – exactly what we like to hear.

Lidl Air plants

Tillandsia, £3.45, Lidl

Coming complete in a chic glass pot, the beautiful plants are unique and colourful. Once purchased for the price of just £3.49, simply place yours in an area of your home which is bright but has indirect sunlight, like a south-facing window behind a net curtain perhaps, as this where it will thrive the most.


And why stop there? The supermarket is also stocking it shelves with other Insta-famous plants, including air-purifying varieties such as Sansevieria and Peperomi, and larger Aloe Vera, Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera) or Elkhorn Fern (Platycerium) plants.

Ranging in price from £1.79 for a succulent to £4.99 for a bigger plant in a ceramic pot, it’s the easiest way to liven up you space we’ve seen this year. They’re in stores now, so get them while you can.