This new beauty buy is the fastest selling product in Liberty’s 147-year history

Luxury department store Liberty London have revealed that their beauty advent calendar for 2018 has become its fastest selling product ever.

The calendar went on sale yesterday, with upwards of 400 customers queueing outside the Regent Street shop to make sure they got their hands on the coveted item, which has officially broken all previous records.

Liberty beauty advent calendar 2018
Alamy Stock Photo

Shoppers were served Liberty London English Breakfast Tea by staff dressed in Liberty print aprons to keep them warm during the wait – one which we’d imagine those who managed to make a purchase would say was well worth it.

There are seemingly hundreds of beauty advent calendars on the shelves this year, so why was there such a frenzy over this one?

Well, even our very own beauty director Edwina Ings-Chambers calls the printed box ‘one of the best’, highlighting products from luxe brands including brands including Votary, Hourglass, Ren Clean Skincare, Egyptian Magic and Le Labo as making it worth the £195 price tag.

And while that number might sound steep initially, the gifts behind the 25 doors (18 full size products and 7 deluxe samples, if you’re wondering) are actually worth a staggering £600. There’s even a Diptyque candle hidden inside.

Liberty beauty advent calendar 2018

Beauty advent calendar, £195, Liberty London

Plus, for 2018, Liberty has tucked two extra ‘golden tickets’ into every calendar, containing exciting additional offers to help tackle pre- and post-Christmas blues.

Despite the surge in sales, Liberty’s beauty advent calendar is still available online – for now – so if you haven’t hit ‘add to basket’ on yours yet, now would be a very good time. Last year’s offering sold out completely in just three days, so time is certainly of the essence.

According to Red magazine, the in-house team are already working on the calendar for 2019 – so if you’ve missed out on this occasion, mark a note in your diary for 12 months time. We can only imagine it’ll be even bigger and better…