The trailer and air date for Liar season 2 have finally been revealed

Remember ITV‘s hit 2017 drama Liar? Of course you do. It was practically the only talk of the town during the six weeks it aired, with viewers across the nation tuning in every Monday night for a new episode. And if you were as obsessed as we were, you’ll be pleased to hear that the highly anticipated second season is officially on its way.

Joanne Froggatt, Liar series 2
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For those who aren’t familiar, Liar, created by The Missing writers Harry and Jack Williams, followed the story of teacher Laura, played by Joanne Froggatt, who was sexually assaulted by the father of one of her pupils, Andrew, played by Ioan Gruffudd, after the two went on a date. Throughout the first six-part season, Laura was forced to prove her version of events to those who did not believe her.

The show, which aired around the same time as the Harvey Weinstein scandal was first revealed, not only had the country gripped but sparked huge conversations regarding consent and victim blaming, meaning there are high expectations for the follow-up season.

But before its back on our screens, here’s everything we know so far…

Liar series 2: The plot

Viewers will remember that the last episode of the first season ended with a shock twist when Andrew was found dead after being outed as a serial rapist. So it isn’t hard to guess that Liar series two will follow his murder case and the string of suspects who could be responsible.

Liar series 2
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The new season will pick up three weeks after an arrest warrant was issued for Andrew for the sexual assault of 19 women. After his body is found, series newcomer Detective Renton (played by Katherine Kelly) is on a mission to dig up his past and unpack the events leading up to his murder.

ITV’s Head of Drama, Polly Hill commented: ‘We’re delighted both Joanne and Ioan are returning to Liar as Laura and Andrew with Katherine Kelly joining the cast as DI Karen Renton. We’re sure audiences will once again be gripped by the story as Harry and Jack Williams keep you guessing over who killed Andrew.’

Back in 2019, writers Harry and Jack told TV Times: ‘Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd are back. We’re delighted that anyone frustrated by the cliffhanger will be rewarded for their patience. Questions are answered and the title is central.’

Harry added: ‘It’s a different lie. Who’s lying about what? The audience will be figuring that out.’

‘There are certainly a few suspects and we hope to explore that further. Andrew has been missing for several weeks and then we see his dead body in the empty marshlands. The question is: what happened in those missing weeks that led to Andrew’s demise?’

Speaking to Stylist, Joanne Froggatt and newcomer Katherine Kelly (who plays DI Karen Renton, who is investigating the murder) revealed that the new story lines will see their characters interacting within an interesting dynamic.

‘I think Katherine’s character is definitely sort of Laura’s antagonist in the present day, as Andrew was in season one, but also she’s everyone’s antagonist because that’s the point of DI Renton being there. She’s got to solve this case, and that’s what adds the great drama to it,’ explained Froggatt.

‘You only really find out anything about how they truly feel about each other in the very last scene, when a conclusion is reached,’ added Kelly.

Liar series 2: The cast

Despite his character being killed off, it has been confirmed that Ioan Gruffudd will reprise his role for Liar series 2. Some of the episodes will include flashbacks which will feature Gruffudd’s character as the details surrounding his death are explained.

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Speaking to Digital Spy about the upcoming season of Liar, Gruffudd’s said: ‘[The end of the first series] asked a lot of questions and who knows, possibly that [second] series will be about who did kill Andrew, but it’ll be interesting [to see] how they build the tension…’

He added: ‘Because we, as the audience, know what happened to him, so how do you keep up the tension on a weekly basis if you know what the conclusion is already? I suppose it’s a bit like a Greek tragedy in that sense: you tell everybody what happened, and now we’re going to tell you how it happened.’

Joanna Froggatt will also return to her role for the new season. She recently revealed to Stylist that in the age of the Me Too Movement, she would not have starred in the series initially if it turned out her character had been the deceptive one. ‘I personally wouldn’t have taken the role if she was lying at that time in the world we live in,’ she said. ‘I wouldn’t have felt comfortable putting that story out there, so that was the first question I asked.’

As mentioned, Katherine Kelly joins the cast as DI Karen Renton, as do Howard Charles (The Widow, Musketeers) as Carl Peterson, and Amy Nuttall (Downton Abbey, My Fair Lady) as Winnie Peterson.

Liar series 2: The air date

Season two of Liar returns Monday 2 March at 9pm on ITV, so the wait is nearly over!