People say they’re ‘never ironing again’ thanks to this £2.50 crease release spray

If you’re anything like us, ironing is up there at the top of your list of most hated household chores. It’s tedious, time consuming and five minutes after wearing something it’s just going to be creased again, anyway.

However, there’s a nifty little-known product out there that promises to be the answer to all our ironing woes, saving us hours of standing at the ironing board on a Sunday night.

white bed sheets
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It’s not some expensive gadget, either – it’s a £2.50 spray that promises to smooth creases out of fabric in minutes.

It sounds too good to be true, but TikTok user @claudiahosking put a bottle of the Lenor Crease Releaser to the test recently, to find that it really does make creases magically vanish.

bed sheets
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On her video, Claudia announces ‘I’m never ironing again’, as it shows her freshly washed un-ironed bed sheets before and after using the spray. Before, they are crumpled, but after the creases have miraculously disappeared, Houdini-style.

Lenor crease release video

Captioning the video with the words: ‘Can you tell I’m nearly 30?! Lifesaver!’, it seems she’s not the only one left impressed – her video has racked up over 300,000 views so far, prompting hundreds of comments of shock and awe. One wrote: ‘You’ve made my whole life!!! I iron my sheets too and this stuff looks amazing!!’ while another commented: ‘OMG I need this in my life.’


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If you’re wondering how to use the spray, it couldn’t be easier. Claudia explained in a comment on her video that you simply ‘spray and pull the sheets, leave to dry and it takes the majority [of creases] away.’

Lenor crease releaser

Lenor Crease Releaser 500ml in Spring Awakening, £2.49, B&M

Being a Lenor product, you can be guaranteed that it also leaves behind a wonderfully fresh and clean smell.

The magic spray is currently available at B&M stores for £2.49 – the retailer doesn’t sell its products online however, so you’ll have to make it to your nearest store for an essentials shop in order to bag yourself a bottle.