Laura Whitmore reveals what the Love Island villa is really like

As the weather starts to finally heat up, that can only mean one thing – Love Island is back on our screens. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been glued to the new series since it began last week, especially as this series has already made some big changes, such as moving to a brand new villa, axing a particularly disgusting challenge and welcoming the show’s first ever deaf contestant, Tasha Ghouri, to the villa.

love island cast

Of course, some things don’t change, such as Laura Whitmore being back at the helm as host for the third year running. And the Irish presenter has recently revealed some secrets about the villa.

Chatting to Alan Carr on his podcast, Life’s a Beach, Laura revealed some very specific details about the Love Island villa – namely, what it smells like. And it turns out, those islanders might not smell as sweet as their teeth are shiny.

love island villa bedroom

When Alan asked Laura whether the Love Island villa is ‘grotty’, she revealed: ”It smells so bad.’

‘If you think about it – that amount of people, about 40 or 50 islanders go through it the whole summer. It starts off with about 10 or 12 and then more keep going in. And they’re like 18-year-olds.’

She continued: ‘The carpet, the fake tan, the make-up, the BO – it stinks! You know when they try to cover the BO with Lynx Africa? That’s what it smells like.’

With their super polished appearances and extravagant swimwear, it’s nice to know that even the Insta-perfect islanders fall short in some areas.

Laura whitmore