These £5 Lakeland storage bags can keep food fresh for much longer

Keeping our food fresh and making sure nothing goes in the bin is at the forefront of all of our minds now more than ever – and there’s a handy product from Lakeland which could quickly become your secret weapon in the war on food waste.

At first glance, they may look like standard plastic pouches, but there’s more to the Lakeland Stayfresh Longer Bags than meets the eye.

Lakeland stayfresh longer bags

Each one is infused with natural Japanese stone powder, which is suspended in the polythene film and absorbs the ethane gases that most fruit and veg releases and allowing the contents to breathe, preventing it from forming condensation or going off before its prime.

It might sound unusual, but it’s not a new idea – in fact, customers who’ve already tried them have left hundreds of 5-star reviews on the Lakeland website, with many saying they’ve sworn by the bags for years or even decades.

‘I’ve been buying these bags for about 15 years and they never cease to amaze me,’ writes one. ‘The fruit and veg you put in them stays exactly the same for AGES.’

‘I had my doubts about how well these would work, but I was wasting a fortune in fruit and veg, especially soft fruit. I decided to bite the bullet and give them a try. I’m totally converted, they are fabulous,’ says another. ‘Everything keeps so much better than I even hoped, especially tiny tomatoes and soft fruit. I only wish they made a bag big enough for me!’

Lakeland stayfresh longer bags

‘These bags really work. Carrots keep fresh for at least a couple of weeks and lettuce also keeps really well. In fact any vegetable you can think of keeps fresh for longer in the bags,’ agrees a third.

The bags come in three different sizes, and cost between £5.49 and £7.49 for a box of 20, depending on what dimensions you opt for. However, many fans also comment that they carefully wash and then reuse their bags, bringing the cost-per-use down even further, and that they still do the trick several times over.

‘The effectiveness just reduces over time,’ Lakeland confirms in a reply to one impressed poster ‘It does depends how you wash them, if you soak them, the detergent you use and how often you use them. You can just wash them quickly in a bowl of warm soapy water with a cloth. These bags do wear very well.’

Lakeland stayfresh longer bags

Lakeland Stayfresh Longer Bags, from £5.49 for 20, Lakeland

As you might imagine in the current climate, demand for the bags is high, and so Lakeland is currently limiting customers to two packets per order.

However, that should still be enough to keep whatever produce you’ve got in your fridge looking fresh and crisp until you’re ready to enjoy it – which, according to Lakeland, can be up to 30 days longer than its normal shelf life. Pretty impressive stuff.