Kylie Minogue just revealed her favourite face cream

Who wouldn’t want a complexion like Kylie Minogue‘s? The pop star, who celebrated her 50th birthday in May of last year, is regularly included on lists of the world’s most beautiful women, and there’s not debating the fact that she looks just as incredible as ever.

But just how does she achieve her seemingly eternal glow? Well, during an episode of beauty journalist Madeleine Spencer’s Beauty Full Lives podcast recently, the singer revealed that she’s particular to one particular face cream, which she praised for its lovely smell and suitably ‘rich’ texture.

Kylie Minogue The Organic Pharmacy
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‘I’m currently using The Organic Pharmacy Rose Cream, which is really nice and rich,’ Kylie said. ‘People stop me and go “you smell really nice, what is that?!”‘

The good news is that we now know one of Kylie’s beauty secrets – the bad news, however, is that it’s a rather expensive one to imitate. On her website, Madeleine cites Kylie’s particular choice of cream as the Rose Diamond Face Cream, which is priced at £290 for a 50ml pot, and so not a purchase that one would make lightly.

However, it’s not the first time Kylie has mentioned The Organic Pharmacy in interviews; according to Vogue she’s also sung the praises of the brand’s Carrot Butter Cleanser, which retails for a more purse-friendly £43. The brand also offers a more affordable Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream (£43) and a Double Rose Ultra Face Cream (£49), which may help you reap the rosy organic benefits for less.

Kylie Minogue The Organic Pharmacy
The Organic Pharmacy

Rose Diamond Face Cream, £290, The Organic Pharmacy

Speaking to YOU magazine during her cover interview last year, Kylie said of the rest of her skincare regime: ‘I always cleanse my face and I could probably count the number of times I’ve gone to bed with mascara on: I have to get everything off.’

‘I swear by using a muslin face cloth for exfoliation because it’s never too harsh, and I like a good sunblock. You can’t really stay out of the sun in Australia, and I love the vibes of the sea, so I get myself a bit of vitamin D. But I reapply sunblock all the time, and I’m under the tree with a hat, fully covered, swatting mosquitoes!’