M&S just launched a brand new anti-ageing skincare range

Marks & Spencer is not only a high-street fashion hero, quality grocery provider and all-around retail gem, but it’s here to help with our skincare woes too. That’s right, the retail giant has launched a brand new anti-ageing skincare range fuelled by none other than brightening hero, vitamin C.

The Wild Rose Vitamin C collection from Greek beauty brand Korres (just one of the external lines M&S sells in its well-stocked beauty halls), the range promises to transform your skin in just one week thanks to the powerful mix of ingredients.

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Vitamin C is already renowned as a powerful remedy for your immune system, fighting off a cough, cold or a flu. But it’s becoming increasingly well known that it’s also amazing for the skin – it can protect against UVA and UVB damage, reduce hyperpigmentation and improve the appearance of sun damage.

As a result, it also works as an excellent anti-ageing ingredient – which is why Marks & Spencer’s new range is already being hailed for its instantly visible results. In fact, the hero product of the line, the Wild Rose 15% Super Vitamin C Bi Phase Booster, is infused with 15% Super Vitamin C, which has five times the clinical-efficiacy level of the stabilised version.

Korres wild rose

Wild Rose Vitamin C Day Cream for Dry Skin 40ml, £27

After 28 days of use, 94 per cent of women who tested the booster said they had more radiant, luminous, brighter looking skin, and 86 per cent said they’d seen a reduced appearance of first wrinkles.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to just one bottle – all of the products in the collection are also infused with Super Vitamin C, as well as a radiance-boosting brightening oil, infused with rose petals and wild rose oil (hence the name).

Despite the impressive claims, the entire range is also pleasantly reasonably priced, starting from just £22.

Korres wild rose

Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil 30ml, £32

You can shop everything from the Wild Rose Vitamin C Day Cream for Dry Skin (£27), Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil (£32) and Wild Rose Oily Moisturiser (£27), to the Wild Rose Vitamin C Sleeping Facial (£29), Wild Rose Bright Eye Cream (£24) and Wild Rose Vitamin C Exfoliating Cleanser (£22).

In fact, the only real challenge is deciding which one to try first.