This is why you should think twice before painting your house grey

The colour grey has been a big interior trend for years, with many homeware and design enthusiasts introducing the chic yet neutral shade into their homes. However, according to Kirstie Allsopp, we should all ‘think twice’ before painting our homes in the popular hue.

painting your house grey
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Advising her followers on Twitter, the presenter of Channel 4’s Location Location Location explained that while she appreciates that grey tones are everywhere these days, she admitted that she has yet to ‘see it done really successfully.’

‘Think twice before painting a house grey, even the palest grey,’ she tweeted. ‘It seems to be very fashionable at the moment and I’ve yet to see it done really successfully.’

She highlighted that one of her biggest concerns with grey interior is the lack of natural light which it invites into the home. ‘Grey indoors swallows light, we’re a Northern hemisphere country we need to maximise light in our homes not eradicate it,’ she continued.

As you can expect, her tweet was met with a host of responses, with people sending pictures of the grey painted rooms in their homes and asking Kristie if she considered it it a successful attempt or not.

One follower attached images of their newly painted grey home, writing: ‘Well crap….we’ve just finished this….??‍♀️’

Another follower tweeted ‘I love my grey bedroom #DuluxHarpStrings Sheets need an iron though’ alongside an image to demonstrate her grey interior, to which Kristen responded: ‘Looks lovely, but a light on in the day? People are using grey in place of white and that’s the issue, I like grey on furniture & kitchen cabinets, even carpets, but large expanses of grey risk light loss.’

After receiving endless enquires of which shades of grey we should be using, Kristie advised fans, saying: ‘I always go for an off white that’s similar to Farrow & Ball’s ‘Pointing’ but everyone does something similar, and then use pictures, cushions & fabric to inject colour. Without light bouncing of the walls colour can’t sing.’

She even provided an example of the exact shade, after explaining that the location you live in and the amount of sunlight you get as a result should be a significant factor when choosing to paint a home grey.

‘We are often influenced by homes we see in US films, TV shows & magazines,’ she wrote. ‘LA had approximately 248 hours of sunshine in January 2019, the UK averaged 54 hours. Hope this explains why decorating to enhance light matters, Decor does not travel well.’

‘Summary of Grey debate: Very pale fine, outside OK too but you cld be making home look like submarine,’ Kirstie concluded. ‘Very dark chic, but has to be very sharply done, other colours needed to bring it out and a lot of folk thinking it’s the [avocado] of the future.’

Well, it’s a valid point.