A Killing Eve spin-off series is in the works with a surprising lead

For us Killing Eve fans, even the latest season of Bridgerton couldn’t distract us from the Villanelle-shaped hole left in our lives by the series’ huge finale. For four seasons, we were captivated by the cat-and-mouse-style spy thriller and, let’s not forget, by Jodie Comer’s impeccable command of accents.

killing eve spin-off
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However, we need not be bereft for long, as a new Killing Eve spin-off focusing on the life of enigmatic MI6 spymaster Carolyn Martens is in the works.

According to Deadline, BBC America and AMC Networks are in the early stages of work on the show, which will focus on the early life of Fiona Shaw’s ruthless character, Carolyn, and her rise through the British Secret Service.

The bad news? The new focus for the show means it’s unlikely that Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) and Eve Polastri (played by Sandra Oh) will make an appearance, though we can’t rule them out for sure at this stage.

As Laura Neal, the show’s joint-writer, told the Radio Times: ‘I think it’s the end of Killing Eve as we know it, but I wouldn’t be able to say whether it’s the end of the Killing Eve world. I’d love to see something else.’

Initial rumours about a follow-up came in the form of a Killing Eve movie, with critics suggesting it could go the same way as Peaky Blinders — the BBC show ran for six seasons before it was announced that a Peaky Blinders film would follow — but this latest news has somewhat ruled out the production of a feature length production… for now.

A TV insider told The Sun: ‘In many ways Carolyn was a bit of curveball choice for a prequel, but in other ways she was an obvious choice. The creators could have gone for Villanelle or Eve, but Carolyn provides a different take on things.’

She also added: ‘Bosses felt that Killing Eve had to come to an end but its spirit should live on in a new form, and this is the project they’re focusing their efforts on now.’ We agree.

The Killing Eve spin-off series has yet to be green lit, which means it could be years before we get to see it on our screens, but at least it gives fans of the show something to look forward to. And, in the meantime, you can stream Killing Eve on BBC iPlayer as many times as you like or catch up on this heartwarming interview with Carolyn (well, Fiona) herself…