Everything we know so far about Killing Eve season 4 (including the release date)

Fans of Killing Eve will no doubt be chomping at the bit for the release of the fourth and final season, which is due for release in February 2022. Here’s what we know so far about what to expect from Killing Eve series 4… 

When is Killing Eve season 4 on?

We have to wait just a little while longer for the final season to drop, and that means having to be patient until 27 February. The release date was revealed in a chilling trailer two months prior, on the 27 December.

The official trailer has now landed, and shows Eve (Sandra Oh) being brought in by Carolyn, who wants to get revenge on The Twelve for the death of her son. Eve, however, is pursuing her own vendetta.

Then, we see a tense confrontation between Eve and her former lover Villanelle (Jodie Comer), with the latter desperate to prove how she’s changed.

There have been some major delays to filming, which was scheduled to begin in 2020 but had to be delayed due to the pandemic. However, Jodie Comer (aka Villanelle) announced filming for the new series would start on 7 June. Speaking on the red carpet at the BAFTA Awards on 6 June, Jodie was asked when shooting was starting on the series. She replied: ‘Tomorrow! Yes… don’t worry I’ve pre-ordered my taxi, I’m not gonna’ be hungover, I’ll be very sensible.’

Then, at the beginning of October, the show’s social media channels confirmed it was officially in production with a sneak peek at some scenes during the filming process.

The 29-second clip shows a clapper board with a sticker that reads 29 June 2021, which confirms Jodie Comer was filming in the summer as she previously said. The video also reveals Jodie as Villanelle, standing in (what appears to be) a church. Then, we see the back of a blonde-haired person standing next to a little girl.

Who will star in Killing Eve season 4?

As far as we know, the usual cast will be back to reprise their roles for the last time. This includes Sandra Oh as Eve and Jodie Comer as Villanelle, as well as a supporting cast that features big names such as Fiona Shaw and Kim Bodnia. 

This season will however see a brand new head writer, showrunner, and executive producer stepping into the top role, as is tradition in each series. Newcomer Laura Neal will follow in the footsteps of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Emerald Fennell and Suzanne Heathcote.

What will the plotline be? 

The new series will feature eight episodes in total. When we left Villanelle and Eve, they were walking away from each other on a bridge in London. However, in the end it looked as though they could not fully commit to leaving one another alone, as they both stare back at each other when they get to either end. 

There’s no word yet on where the next phase of the story will take us, but we’re sure it’ll be full of plenty more drama, bloodshed, and undeniable chemistry. Stills of the show were shared on 16 December, giving us a little bit more insight into the new series.

They show Villanelle, looking freakishly angelic, standing in what looks like a church. Eve dons a blonde wig and sunglasses in disguise, and there’s also a snap of her by a fish tank. Fiona Shaw’s Carolyn Martens is pictured sat next to a swimming pool and it appears Hélène, agent of The Twelve, is also back.

In fact, Jodie Comer teased what the next series might be like while speaking to NBC. On the show coming to an end, she said: ‘I had a little moment where I saw the clapperboard and I had a kind of lump in my throat.’

‘I cannot let myself [mourn]. I have two months left [of filming]. It is like a marathon. If you are at the start you cannot think of the finish. Not that I have ever run a marathon,’ she added.

Giving us a little insight into the plot, Jodie said: ‘We have definitely got off to an exciting start. I think now, because we know it’s the final season they are definitely pushing boundaries, especially with Villanelle. Where we open with her [Villanelle] is totally bonkers and brilliant. I hope people finally enjoy it when it hits the screen.’

Anything else? 

After three successful series, Killing Eve will be coming to an end with season 4. The news came as a shock to super-fans of the show, and both Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh shared sadness and pride when speaking about its end. 

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Killing  Eve has been the most extraordinary journey and one that I will be forever grateful for,’ said Comer. ‘Thank you to all the fans who’ve supported us throughout and come along for the ride. Although all good things come to an end, it’s not over yet. We aim to make this one to remember!’

While Sandra Oh added: ‘Killing Eve has been one of my greatest experiences and I look forward to diving back into Eve’s remarkable mind soon. I’m so grateful for all cast and crew who have brought our story to life and to the fans who have joined us and will be back for our exciting and unpredictable fourth and final season.’

For fans devastated to be learning that this season of Killing Eve will be its last, fear not; there’s more to come from the franchise. BBC America is said to have several spin-offs in the works as it stands, meaning we won’t have to say goodbye to the world of Villanelle just yet.