Kate Middleton has revealed her one bad trait she won’t let her kids inherit

The Duchess of Cambridge may be a master of a lot of things but it turns out learning languages isn’t her strong suit.

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The 36-year-old royal recently revealed that she isn’t the best at speaking Italian. Stopping to speak to a fan after a royal engagement in Leicester, the mother-of-three was heard saying ‘Ciao’ before adding that her Italian was ‘so bad.’

‘I have to make sure my children are better than me, that’s my aim,’ she continued. Lucky for us, one fan caught the exchange on camera and later shared it on Instagram.


This isn’t the first time Kate Middleton has revealed that she’s keen for her children to learn new languages. Back in 2017, she revealed in an interview that Prince George could not only count to ten in Spanish but knew some key terms in the language thanks to his Spanish nanny,  Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.

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Similarly (and very impressively), People magazine reported in January that Princess Charlotte is already bilingual  and can also speak Spanish just like her older brother. A royal insider told the publication that Kate and William’s only daughter is ‘very sweet and very confident – she’s always chatting away’.

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It’s no surprise that the royal children are being taught new languages at a young age. They are royals after all. Besides, Kate has long been enthusiastic about travelling and learning different languages. She learnt Italian while living in Florence during her gap year and during Prince William’s trip to Jordan this summer, it was revealed that his wife actually moved to the Middle East with her family when she was just two-years-old  in 1984 where she picked up some basic Arabic.

So we have no doubt Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will all be multilingual in no time.