Kate Middleton’s affordable Boden cardigan is back in stock (for now)

When it comes to the art of dressing for Zoom calls, the Duchess of Cambridge has got it nailed. From the £15 Orelia earrings she often relies on to the Barbour jacket she’s donned on multiple occasions, her virtual wardrobe is just as covetable as the one she sports for appearances in person.

Ever a champion of the British high street, Kate has turned to trusty Boden for many of her looks during the pandemic. In March, she even wore the brand twice in one week. At the end of last year, Kate Middleton’s Abercorn Scallop Cardigan from Boden, which she selected in a flattering shade of frosty blue, sold out.

Kate's Boden Cardigan
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Kate wore the cardigan to speak via video call to Johannah Churchill (pictured right) whose portrait capturing her colleague setting up a COVID clinic in London was recreated as a mural in Manchester as part of the duchess’s ‘Hold Still’ community exhibition, and Dr Edward Cole (pictured below), who was also involved in setting up the clinic.

Kate often goes for blue for engagements involving the NHS – indeed, the blue floral Ghost dress she wore to Clap For Our Carers with the rest of the Cambridge family was later reissued to raise money for the organisation.

But ultimately the knit is a great all-rounder for any occasion, elevating itself from standard cosy cardi with the addition of a scalloped frill detail around the neckline, which gives a unique and super pretty finish to any outfit.

Kate Boden cardigan

Abercorn Scallop Cardigan, £75, Boden

At £75, the Abercorn is an accessible entry-level option if you want to emulate the royal wardrobe. It sold out in several sizes when she first wore it in November but now it’s back.

Abercorn Scallop Cardigan, £75, Boden

However, whether you go for Kate’s blue colourway or the equally chic ‘Grey Melange’, pink ‘Azalea’ or Navy options, we suspect it’s only a matter of time before the ever-present Kate Effect hits hard (again), so we recommend that you get yours while you still can!