Kate reportedly keeps multiple bottles of this £47 face oil on her nightstand

Throughout her royal career, Kate has had the most gorgeous, glowing complexion. Now, one beauty brand says it’s contributed to the Duchess of Cambridge’s track record of flawless skin after personally delivering her one of its products at Kensington Palace.

Leila Aalam is the founder of Beuti Skincare, the makers of the Beauty Sleep Elixir facial oil that Kate reportedly loves so much she recommended it to sister-in-law Meghan. And during a recent interview with HELLO! magazine, Aalam admitted she’d had a helping hand in getting the product to Kate to try.

Kate Middleton beauty sleep elixir
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‘My dear mother, her school friend that she’s been in touch with for years and years works in Kensington Palace. He does things like puts up their Christmas tree and is very personal with them, and he knew what I was doing,’ she explained to the title.

‘So I said to him “If I give you a big box could you give it to Kate?” And he was like, “Yeah, give me the box and I’ll see what I can do.”‘

Aalam added that without her contact the exchange would have been ‘virtually impossible’, as most gifts that are posted to the palace are returned, with a note explaining that the royals can’t accept branded products in case they are seen to be promoting them.

However, the personal touch soon paid off: ‘I wasn’t really expecting too much and then he told me “The bottles that you gave me, there were three on Kate’s nightstand!”‘ she revealed.

Kate Middleton beauty sleep elixir
Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir Facial Oil 30ml, £47, Amazon

Want a slice of the K-Mid skincare action? Those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be sent the oil directly can still get our hands on a supply, both from online retailers like Amazon and high-end department stores like Harvey Nichols, where it retails for £47.

Packed with plant oils like camellia, lavender, geranium and neroli, it’s said to be soothing and restorative for all skin types, and smells gorgeous to boot.