Kate Garraway has revealed why she decided to cut down her alcohol consumption for good

Kate Garraway has opened up about the moment that led to her cutting down her alcohol consumption.

Speaking to OK! magazine, the Good Morning Britain star revealed that a routine test she underwent while taking part in a Dry January challenge led to her decision to reduce her intake on a long-term basis.

Kate Garraway alcohol
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‘I had my liver tested at the start and at the end of the month and quitting booze has really improved the way it was functioning,’ she explained. ‘The change was so dramatic that the doctor said I had the liver of a four-year old. Now I try not to drink unnecessarily.’

Kate, who is mum to two children, Darcey, 12, and Billy, nine, told the title that she now limits herself to one glass of wine when she attends an event.

In the past, the presenter has admitted that people automatically assume that she’s ‘boring’ now that she drinks less, with one friend telling her at the start of the year: ‘I’m cancelling your birthday lunch in January until February.’

‘If you said: “I’m giving up smoking”, people would put on a parade. If you said: “I’m going to eat more healthily”, people would say: “‘Good for you”,’ she declared during an appearance on Lorraine.

Kate Garraway alcohol
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‘If it’s drinking, the first reaction is: “That’s so boring. You’re going to be so boring.”‘

‘I thought, I don’t really drink that much. But when you stop completely it is a shocker. You realise that a glass here, going to a function there, they all tot up. I have been really shocked by people’s reactions. I think we have a problem with how we treat people and alcohol.’

At the time, host Lorraine Kelly had also given up alcohol herself, but admitted afterwards that she’d been ‘eating chocolate instead of drinking gin’, which had led to other side effects.

‘Can I tell you something, I feel as if I’ve had a hangover for a month, and I’ve put weight on!’ she exclaimed.