Kate Garraway has written a book about husband Derek Draper’s battle with coronavirus

Kate Garraway has announced that she is releasing a book about her husband Derek Draper’s battle with COVID-19, and what it’s been like for her and her family.

Kate Garraway
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The Good Morning Britain presenter’s book, entitled The Power of Hope, will be released on 29 April, 13 months after Derek, 53, was admitted to hospital with coronavirus in March 2020. Derek was placed into an induced coma and since then, Kate has been open about his ongoing fight against the virus on the show and on social media.

The Power of Hope
Transworld (Penguin Books)

The Power of Hope, £20, Amazon (pre-order)

In a statement released via her book publisher Transworld (Penguin Books), Kate said: ‘While my experience of Covid is extreme and extraordinary, I’m only too aware that this virus has impacted every single one of us. We’re all going through this, to some degree.

‘By telling the story of Derek’s illness and how it has altered our family’s lives, I hope to be able to reach out to others who are suffering.

‘If writing about my experience of facing fear, coping daily with an uncertain future and finding strength for the sake of my kids can help another person feeling lost or in despair, it’ll mean a lot’.

The news comes just weeks after Kate took their two children, Darcey, 14, and Billy, 11, to visit Derek over the Christmas break.

Speaking to GMB co-host Ben Shephard, Kate said: ‘There was a lovely moment we did have, which was, we did over the period get to see Derek. The children did, which is the first time they’ve been able to do that, so that was amazing.

‘Of course, it was very heightened with emotion because he’s very changed. So all the routines that we would normally do, it was one of those moments where it was so wonderful but then also it sort of amplified how sad everything was. Does that make sense? But it was still fantastic and I’m very grateful to have had that opportunity.’

Kate also shared that while Derek remains in intensive care, he is now breathing on his own, which she hopes is indicative of his recovery.

The Power of Hope by Kate Garraway is released on 29 April 2021 and available to pre-order now.