You can recreate Kate and Will’s wedding cake with the exact recipe

Although Kate and Will’s wedding took place all the way back in 2011 (happy 10 year anniversary, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!), we still love it when we discover another interesting fact or titbit about the big day, such as what perfume Kate wore or the beauty products she used.

Kate and Will wedding
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We also know that the royal couple had not one but two wedding cakes at their reception – what’s a royal wedding without a bit of extravagance, after all? The main cake was a show-stopping eight-tier affair made up of 17 individual gateaux (made by Fiona Cairns, pictured below), with the sponge inside being a traditional fruit cake.

Fiona Cairns and Kate and will's wedding cake
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However, for those guests who were looking for something a bit different, there was a second cake on offer, which The Royal Collection Trust has just revealed to be a chocolate biscuit cake.

Even better, thanks to the RCT, we now have the exact recipe to make it for ourselves, too! First published in the cookbook Royal Teas, Kate and Will’s wedding cake recipe has now been made available online too so we can all enjoy the bake with the royal seal of approval.

chocolate biscuit cake
Lisa Linder © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2020

‘This delicious cake is really easy … and requires no baking!’ writes the RCT. ‘It’s famous for being one of two royal wedding cakes made to celebrate the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. With a mix of chocolate, biscuits and a shiny chocolate covering (called a ‘ganache’), it makes for a decadent treat!’

The recipe is really simple and easy to replicate – all it requires is rich tea biscuits, unsalted butter, caster sugar, dark chocolate and whipping cream to recreate the indulgent (and royally-approved) cake.

Head to the Royal Collection Trust website for Kate and Will’s wedding cake recipe in full and get baking up a showstopper suitable for a future king and queen!