The three biggest hair mistakes Jonathan Van Ness sees all the time

If there’s one person who knows about hair, it’s Jonathan Van Ness. The Queer Eye star spent over a decade working behind the hairdresser’s chair before finding fame as everyone’s favourite beauty guru, and now there’s a haircare line – JVN Hair – so all of us can get some of that sparkly magic for our manes.

The sustainable, non-gendered haircare range uses hemisqualane as the key ingredient. A natural alternative to silicone, it has tiny molecules that can penetrate each strand, improving hair strength, texture and shine.

At the launch of JVN Hair, Jonathan talked through some of the brand’s key products including the Complete Pre-Wash Scalp Oil (£24) – which encourages amazing hair starting from the root – and the Complete Air Dry Cream (£21), which allows natural texture to shine through, while reducing frizz by 97%. Jonathan also talked through some key mistakes that people often make when it comes to their hair, and we learnt a lot about where we’ve been going wrong!

3 most common haircare mistakes, according to Jonathan Van Ness


Do you wash your hair every single day? Then it’s probably time to cut back, according to our grooming guru.

‘Your hair is very similar to fabric’ explains Jonathan. ‘Say we had two white T-shirts; if we were to take one T-shirt and wash it every single day for a year, and then take another and wash it only once a week for a year, the second would be much less tattered, frayed and stretched. It would stay more intact’.

This principle also applies to our hair – the more you wash and dry it, the more likely you are to see problems. ‘A lot of people who have chronic issues with their hair tell me they wash it once a day’ says Jonathan. ‘You also don’t want your showers to be the hottest in the whole world and the longest in the whole world – that’s even more true if you have bleach, all-over colour, a head full of extensions or wigs.’

Instead, JVN says most people should wash their hair between one and three times a week, with a few caveats, such as people who work in very germ-infested environments.

jvn hair


The most common cause for hair damage that makes stylists grit their teeth in horror? ‘When someone goes more than two shades lighter or darker than their natural colour’ says JVN. ‘It’s all fun and games when you do it the first time – but because your hair grows a quarter to a half an inch a month, if you have long hair then that’s a commitment for years. It’s a very expensive investment. That’s why I’m the least fun consultation person ever, because I’m like “Are you sure? It’s going to be four years”.’

Jonathan advises that unless you have very short hair, it’s best to stick within two shades lighter or darker of your hair’s natural hue.


We all know that we should be using heat protector on our hair, but many are guilty of skipping this important step when time is tight.

However, Jonathan says it’s absolutely essential for healthy hair. ‘If you were to put heat protectant on one side and not the other, and then heat style or blow dry your hair for a month, you would start to see a significant change in your ends’ says JVN. ‘On one side would hold curl better, your haircut would be more similar to the way that it was, the shapes would last longer. The colour would be less faded because the cuticle is less disrupted.’

Basically, don’t be lazy when it comes to heat protection – we’ll be getting ours courtesy of the Complete Instant Recovery Serum (£24) from the JVN Hair range!

The full JVN Hair range is available to shop from Space NK now