Edwina Ings-Chambers: Justin Anderson, the man with the golden touch

The A-listers’ favourite colourist, Justin Anderson, shares his tips.

Justin Anderson
Hair guru Justin Anderson.

It isn’t often that I rave about a hair product, but DP Hue ACV Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse (£32) is an exception. It’s a shampoo replacement, so it cleans hair but doesn’t strip or dehydrate it, maintaining the pH balance of the scalp, adding shine and, perhaps most importantly, reviving colour.

apple cider vinegar hair rinse

Why focus on the colour aspect? Well, not simply because it works but because this is the brainchild of Justin Anderson, the hair colour king of LA and the man behind many of the most iconic shades of blonde de nos jours. For the past ten years, he’s been the one responsible for Jennifer Aniston’s perfect blend of natural-looking blondeness (‘she is the kindest, warmest, nicest person’).

Jennifer Aniston
Justin’s celebrity fans include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Margot Robbie and Miley Cyrus. Image: WireImage

His are the hands that carefully curate Gwyneth Paltrow’s sunny Californian locks. He also flew out to tend to Miley Cyrus’s tresses every two weeks during her Bangerz world tour. And he’s the chap who can take Margot Robbie from blonde to bronde and back again as film roles or life requires.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Justin’s celebrity fans include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Margot Robbie and Miley Cyrus. Image: Getty Images for Netflix

Sadly, for the rest of us, this dedication to his celebrity clientele and his haircare brand mean that you’d need to be a serious VIP to even stand a chance of booking a personal appointment with Justin. In fact, he doesn’t give out his number and he doesn’t have a salon (he visits clients in their own homes). Although he loves doing colour so much that he does say that once the product business can take care of itself he might be tempted to open a small salon. Still, if anyone knows about what’s required to best maintain colour between salon visits, it’s him. And, despite the starry connections, he’s an equal opportunities sort and wants to bring that expertise to everyone. His DP Hue range does just that: already a hit in the US, it launches today in the UK.

Miley Cyrus
Justin’s celebrity fans include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Margot Robbie and Miley Cyrus. Image: Getty Images

His main advice? Use less shampoo. In fact, he advises barely using it at all because, he says, it just dries hair and strips it of its oils. Hence ACV is his hero product. It uses a high-quality apple cider vinegar so contains beneficial bacteria. ‘We took that really seriously and found this guy here in the States who’s on a farm out in the middle of nowhere. He is obsessed with ACV and makes it for some of the biggest restaurants around here but we convinced him to work with us.’ When you first use the Hair Rinse, Justin recommends alternating it with your usual shampoo to get hair used to the change ‘and you’ll feel the softness in your hair when normally you’d need a conditioner because shampoo pulls out all the good stuff’. It doesn’t sud up like a traditional shampoo but oddly somehow feels as though it does, and has no vinegary smell.

Margot Robbie
Justin’s celebrity fans include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Margot Robbie and Miley Cyrus. Image: Getty Images

There’s an accompanying ACV Scalp Scrub (£35) which Justin recommends trying once a week, especially if you use a lot of dry shampoo ‘which will cake on to the scalp’. His own dry shampoo will launch here later.

apple cider vinegar scalp scrub

Also key in the range is the colour boosting Gloss + (£32) which comes in 11 shades, including clear, to bring the shine back to colour when it has dulled due to washing, hard water or pollution.

Gloss +

Another gamechanger is the Brightening Powder (£28) which has almost mythical status in the hairdressing industry. You add water to the powder, rub into the hair and it pulls out all the pollution, chlorine and general gunk that dulls the colour. More from this brilliant range is coming soon but I say the sooner you introduce your hair to it the better.

brightening powder

All these products are available from cultbeauty.co.uk. @edwinaingschambers

Justin’s colour code

  • Want to know the secret to Jennifer Aniston’s hair colour? ‘A lot of contrast because that’s when the blonde really pops,’ says Justin. ‘I keep the depth to it – all the dark underneath – so that when the blonde lays on top it looks brighter. That’s because there’s so much dimension to the hair. The mistake people make is that they say they want to go blonde and then they get a whole head of solid blonde. The key is the contrast.’
  • If you like the Gwyneth Paltrow blonde it’s all about ‘a ton of very small, baby highlights that look really natural’, says Justin. This is also a great route to go if you have some grey hair. ‘Just work your highlights around the grey and it acts like another dimension of blonde,’ he says.
  1. ‘I think blondes are really lucky when they get some grey. I don’t think you should fight it and start to try to cover it. If you do that it just becomes a nightmare chore and a big monthly maintenance process. So try to work any grey into your colour if you can,’ is Justin’s advice.
  1. ‘The most beautiful brunettes are the ones who have scattered highlights, like the supermodel Gisele used to have,’ says Justin. ‘This gives dimension to the hair which also makes it look thicker, so I like to see ribbons of blonde going through a brunette.’
  2. This colouring trick also helps if you have very fine hair. Adding in some blonde helps to ‘mess up the texture a little bit so it feels thicker but the added dimension will also give the appearance that you have more hair,’ says Justin. So it’s an optical illusion combined with a physical boost.