Celebrity hairdresser Jonathan Van Ness shares his number one tip for better hair

In the quest for gorgeous hair, many of us will have spent a fortune on various lotions and potions, but the best things in life are free, and that’s certainly true of Jonathan Van Ness’s ultimate haircare tip.

Speaking at the launch of his JVN Hair range, celebrity hairdresser and Queer Eye star Jonathan shared a piece of advice that has quite literally changed how we sleep at night.


Jonathan explained that if you have long hair you should always tie it up before bed in order to prevent damage overnight. JVN said that ‘your body heat and the friction of rubbing your head on a pillow’ is akin to the types of heat damage we would strive to protect our hair from in the day, but many of us don’t think about the stress long hair is put under while we’re asleep (even though we can probably see the results when we wake up with a frizzy mess in the morning).

Don’t just whack your hair up in a tight ponytail before bed though – oh no. ‘Put the hair on top of your head – you want it loose so it doesn’t put a lot of tension on your hairline for the eight hours you’re asleep’ said Jonathan. ‘Use a silk scrunchie or bonnet – silk is good because it doesn’t conduct as much heat as cotton, but stays cool – and then put the hair in a loose bun. Make sure there is no tension on your fragile hairline’.


By doing this, you keep the ends of your hair away from the heat of your body and stop it from rubbing all over the pillow as you move at night, which will ultimately lead to less hair damage.

Of course, hair wrapping is nothing new – many women with curly and Afro hair types have been doing this for years – but there will be plenty of people who just let their long hair go wild and free at night, resulting in unintentional damage.

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