John Lewis’s £15 designer-inspired cushions loved by influencers are back in stock

If you’ve been keeping up with your cushions trends in recent years (and why on earth would you not?!) then you’ll know that the frill is the thing right now.

Bold cushions with contrasting frills have become a very popular homeware choice, with our favourite interiors accounts on Instagram all showcasing a bold array of these retro-chic cushions across sofas, armchairs, beds…you name it.

frilled cushions

Ruffle rose and pink cushion, £91, In Casa by Paboy

While we love the trend, it often doesn’t come cheap. A cushion cover from the extremely popular In Casa by Paboy collection, for example, costs £91, and you also have to buy the cushion pads to go inside. Yes, they are completely gorgeous, and you get great quality for your money, but for many people that price is out of reach.

An alternative option is to learn how to make cushion covers yourself – definitely one of the easier tasks when it comes to sewing, although not foolproof.

john lewis gingham frill cushion

Frilled gingham cushion, £15, ANYDAY at John Lewis

Option two is to turn to a new addition from John Lewis’s ANYDAY collection, which has been causing a stir among interiors-loving Instagrammers such as @alexandra.stedman and @katherine_ormerod, who both shared the brand’s new gingham cushion on social media.

john lewis gingham frill cushion

The gingham cushions feature a contrasting check on the frill around the edge and the back of the cushion, and as you can see they look very much in the same vein as designer versions. However, as ANYDAY is the more budget-conscious line from John Lewis, its frilled cushions cost just £15, representing a much more purse-friendly way to try the trend in your home.

john lewis gingham frill cushion

Available in pale pink, blue and beige, overall the colour palette is soft and subtle enough to blend in with your existing interiors, while the bold design still provides a statement. The blue cushion sold out almost immediately, with the other two colours following suit soon after. Naturally, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for the restock and now we’re glad to say that all three colourways of the John Lewis cushions are back in stock! See you at the till?

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