This £4.50 John Lewis gadget is transforming people’s wardrobes

You’ve probably turned to John Lewis & Partners for a new jumper or coat from time to time already. But what if we told you that a £4.50 product from the department store could completely transform the outerwear that you already own, restoring it to its former glory in the process?

Well, that’s what customers who’ve invested in John Lewis’s clothes shaver are saying has happened in their wardrobes, leaving dozens of five-star reviews on the retailer’s website to back up their claims.

woman with jumpers, knitwear
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The clothes shaver, also known as a fabric shaver or a debobbler, is designed to get rid of the irritating loose threads and bobbles that build up on a beloved piece of clothing over time. The battery-operated device skims across the surface of the piece to remove piling and make clothes look brand new, without causing any further snags or damage.

It’s not a completely novel concept  – in fact, one John Lewis shopper said they’d had a debobbler in the past and were thrilled to find they were still in production. But for others, it’s been a revelatory first-time discovery, and one they’ve been very glad to make.

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‘We have found this neat little clothes shaver very effective in removing pilling on garments,’ one happy customer wrote in a five-star review of the item. ‘It is lightweight, easy to use and has become indispensable to us.’

‘I wear a lot of cashmere in the winter and noticed that some pilling/bobbling was occurring,’ another explained. ‘This little gadget shave the bobbles off the garment without damaging the wool. Very handy and easy to use.’

John Lewis clothes shaverClothes Shaver in Grey, £4.50, John Lewis & Partners

Whether you want to salvage your old clothes for budget, environmental or sentimental reasons, the idea of spending less than £5 to rescue them from the recycling pile is surely an appealing one.

So, before you toss that jumper or cast aside that cost, consider spending £4.50 to give them a second chance…