These are John Lewis’s key Christmas decoration trends for 2020

Since John Lewis launched its online Christmas shop earlier than ever before this year (back in August, no less) due to receiving a huge surge in demand for all things Crimbo, we haven’t been able to stop dreaming about all the gorgeous decorations we can’t wait to buy.

Choosing a theme for your Christmas decorations is probably the hardest part – do you pick one stylised theme to run throughout your festive decor, or go all out and mash different tastes and styles together? Whichever way you lean, John Lewis has mapped out 7 distinctive trends for Christmas 2020 and there’s something for everyone – from crisp, clean whites and sparkles to big, bold and fabulous novelty decs.

Consider these John Lewis Christmas trends as your guide to Crimbo 2020.


impressionism tree
John Lewis & Partners

All icy whites and glimmering sparkles, this theme evokes feelings of a magical wintery adventure. ‘Impressionism captured the changing qualities of light and the passage of time through small, but individual brush strokes. Our theme makes use of an imaginative impression of all of the colours of snow,’ explains the John Lewis website.

reindeer decoration
John Lewis & Partners

Impressionism Deer with Pine Sprig Figure, £30, John Lewis

dried flower bauble
John Lewis & Partners

Impressionism Flower Bloom Bauble, £5, John Lewis

white bauble
John Lewis & Partners

Impressionism Drip Dot and Feather Onion Bauble, £8, John Lewis


bloomsbury tree
John Lewis & Partners

‘Inspired by the Bloomsbury Set, a group of artists and writers living, working and studying together in London in the early 1900s, this look is characterised by the group’s literature, art and thought-provoking modern attitudes.’ It’s full of warm tones with colourful accents and motifs that would be found in the Groups’s interior settings, such as books and decanters.

books decoration
John Lewis & Partners

Bloomsbury Stack of Books Bauble, £6, John Lewis

wrapping paper
John Lewis & Partners

Bloomsbury Tapestry Robin Gift Wrap Set, £10, John Lewis

John Lewis & Partners

Velvet Stocking With Faux Fur Trim, £18, John Lewis

Art of Japan

art of Japan tree
John Lewis & Partners

Traditional icons of Christmas – mistletoe, robins and berries – mix with contemporary Japanese iconography, such as kokeshi dolls, Japanese cats, cherry blossom, fish and lanterns. ‘Art of Japan is inspired by the Japonism movement of the mid-19th century,’ says Jason Billings-Cray, Partner & Junior Buyer, Christmas Shop. ‘These artists used elements of Japanese art and updated the composition and layout in a modern way.’

robin bauble
John Lewis & Partners

Art of Japan Bird & Branch Bauble, £5, John Lewis

poinsettia decoration
John Lewis & Partners

Art of Japan Poinsettia Clip On Tree Decoration, £5, John Lewis

cat decoration
John Lewis & Partners

Art of Japan Maneki-Neko Cat Bauble, £7, John Lewis


renaissance tree
John Lewis & Partners

If you’re a fan of pastel tones, warm neutrals and luxe-looking, ornate decorations, this is the Christmas trend for you. ‘With this theme, you’ll discover ornate decorations with references to literature, music and religious iconography used in a contemporary way. With a lovely soft palette of blush, mint and warm neutrals, this is a luxe look, thanks to its copper and gold accents.’

green bauble
John Lewis & Partners

Renaissance Starfish Pearl Bauble, £10, John Lewis

John Lewis & Partners

Renaissance Fairy Tree Topper, £20, John Lewis

pink baubles
John Lewis & Partners

Renaissance Assorted Finial Baubles, £10, John Lewis

Pop Art

pop art tree
John Lewis & Partners

Fun, vibrant, exciting: if those words scream Christmas to you, Pop Art is the trend you’ll want to head for. ‘Think of Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor, Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline,’ says Jason, when describing the Pop Art theme.

bauble wreath
John Lewis & Partners

Pop Art Rainbow Bauble Wreath, £25, John Lewis

neon star
John Lewis & Partners

Neon Star Light, £25, John Lewis

santa decoration
John Lewis & Partners

Pop Art Santa on Scooter Bauble, £7, John Lewis


post-impressionism tree
John Lewis & Partners

For a quirky, jewel-toned theme centred around animals and the natural world, the Post-Impressionism trend will tick those boxes. Taking inspiration from the art movement that placed emphasis on abstract qualities and vivid colours, ‘This theme is full of quirky tropical animals from all over the world – and the decorations make great gifts as you will be able to find your, or your family’s, favourite animal in bauble form,’ says Jason.

toucan bauble
John Lewis & Partners

Post Impressionism Toucan and Leaf Bauble, £6, John Lewis

lion decoration
John Lewis & Partners

Post Impressionism Lion Bauble, £7, John Lewis

bird decoration
John Lewis & Partners

Post Impressionism Hummingbird Tree Decoration, £5, John Lewis

Art Nouveau

art nouveau tree
John Lewis & Partners

Rich materials and extravagant accessories are the fruition of an Christmas trend inspired by the opulent Art Nouveau period. ‘Try mixing luxe materials, such as silk, cut-glass, velvet, marble and heavy jacquards against deep blues, yellows and metallics. Away from the tree, you’ll find beautiful wrap to give your gifts that extra special touch.’

blue bauble
John Lewis & Partners

Art Nouveau Glitter Fan Finial Bauble, £5, John Lewis

gold tree
John Lewis & Partners

Gabriel Gold Unlit Christmas Tree, £299, John Lewis

gift wrap
John Lewis & Partners

Art Nouveau Peacock Feather Tissue Paper, £3, John Lewis